Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bryce Kind Of Day

Joy 10: A clean bill of health

Tobias got just one shot today at his 18 month check up. He weighed and measured in the 90's (percentiles) and he is a big healthy boy!  He got nothing but gold stars, and of course he flashed that grin and melted a lot of nurses hearts.

Joy 11: Library fun & friends

Our library is so fun. Of course we love story times (and Mrs. Carolyn), but they are always filling summer with fun programs to help get us mamas out of the house and give the kids a little something different to do. Today was a kick off for summer reading for our elementary school and another local elementary school and they hosted and invited the kids school librarians. They had games and snacks and the kids loved a chance to see Mrs. Banton outside of school!

Joy 12: Bible School with Bryce

It's no secret that Bryce is Thomas' best-est friend. This marks the 5th summer that Thomas has attended Bible School at Bryce's church with him. Especially after the 2nd year without being in class with his best friend, this week with his buddy is just the ticket. (Grace and I are hoping we can get our boys in the same class this coming 3rd grade year!)

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Candice said...

Tobias looks too grown up in those pictures. I can't handle it! He's just a baby still, right? We have that same VBS theme starting this Sunday night. I hope Thomas had fun!!!