Friday, January 31, 2003

January 2003 Is Used For Special Files

If you are looking for the archives of Gracie, start at March 2004 when she was born. This January 2003 archive is used for various things that I link to my blog, becuase I don't yet know how to link microsoft word documents. As you can see this month is used for Christmas Lists for Grandparents, Gracie's booklist, etc.

Sorry for the inconvience...start with March 2004, and enjoy!

Saturday, January 25, 2003

The ShipleyNet Saga

Written: May 25, 2006

The car is ready, the clothes are packed, the computers waiting to be secured for a long hard ride.

The four-day odyssey to pick up my girls and bring them home starts as soon as I can weasel out of .... er, uh, finish, my work for the day here in Strasburg.

I'm headed to Tennessee to do some hard-core computer tinkering with Uncle Luke over the Memorial Day weekend, before leaving the greater Johnson City area for Lynchburg, where I might impose upon the Olive Garden's hospitality, before heading back to the greater wilds of Northern Virginia.

Some stats:

• Miles: Around 900... I'm too tired to do the math.
• Gallons of gas: About 25, or enough to sell on the black market to put Gracie through her freshman year of college.
• CDs: 6. That's all that will fit in the changer, and I'm too lazy to burn any more before I leave.
• Crossings of the Eastern Continental Divide: 4. Just trust me on this one. I'm going over a lot of mountains before Tuesday.

Technically, the trip started today. The Virginia General Assembly was in session today for the 9,000th days in a row (not really, but it sure seems like it) and I had to be in Richmond at 11 a.m. when they started. For those of you not well versed in Virginia geography, a trip to Richmond from Strasburg is about five hours in the car on some of the most insane, drag-strip like highways in the state.

The session lasted for 90 minutes. I was none too pleased, considering I had already popped for the $13 "all day" parking space in downtown.

Some thought occurred to me now that I'm home.

One, if anything bad ever happens to me in Richmond, it'll be at the hands (or bumper) of a Greater Richmond transit bus. Those guys are crazy. I didn't know a 30-foot bus could come down from 65 mph in less than 100 feet... I've got to find out where those guys get their brakes done.

Two, once we're all back safe and sound at la Fortaleza NorteƱa del Shipley , we're just gonna crash here for a while... there's only so many times you can listen to Eddie Rabbit's "Driving my Life Away" before it looses its '70s country charm and becomes a pitiable lamentation before God.

See you on the road....

Written May 29, 2006:

Nothing Good Comes Easy

At least that's the way it looks at 2:06 a.m. here in the Shipley labs. One bad decision early Saturday has brought the nascent Shipleynet to its knees. For the tech savvy among us, I'm reformatting and doing a clean install of Windows XP Pro on the HP due to a massive virus infestation.

I was attempting to atone for past sins (taking out Barbara's pictures in 2002 when I upgraded from Windows ME to XP) by moving all Mom's files over from Windows 98 SE into the new operating system. Unfortunately, it came with a big ol' stack of viruses. That proceeded to crash the entire computer and almost cascaded the entire network.

So here I am, sitting with an unlit cigar in my mouth, watching the clock grind away while Luke plays NCAA Football 2005. I've got no fewer than six hours ahead of me in the car tomorrow, and sleep looks like it might come at 4 a.m. ... if I'm lucky.

Add in a near miss brought on by responsible driving today, and my nerves are almost gone.

I really, really hope this is worth all the effort.

Written May 31, 2006:

Shipleynet Update

Much has happened since my online lament of 2 a.m. Monday.

Luke and I managed to revive the HP from "brick" status to a solid, quiet Windows XP Server. It seems to be performing quite nicely. After a stopover in Lynchburg, all three of the local area networks we're aiming to combine seem to be functioning normally.

The problem is the gateway.

Note this well: I made a mistake. It doesn't happen often... :)

I though "VPN passthrough" meant the same thing as "VPN client server." My bad. The solution, is to replace the central router with a VPN specific model. Not too pricey, but to do that and keep the 802.11g functionality will cost about $150. I'm thinking about a double-NAT configuration... I'm just not sure right now.

In the meantime, everyone has enough bandwidth to share files via e-mail or IM. Once I figure out a way to replace the router and keep the (g) functionality, we'll be in business. Luke and I managed to come up with some fairly bullet-proof instructions to configure the client side of the system, so it'll be just a few clicks to get everyone sharing files once we've replaced the "keystone" router.

As for now, I'm really, really tired. Shipleynet will just have to wait until a) I get some sleep, b) someone who loves me hits the lottery or c) I find a Linksys WVR200 router laying beside the road.

Suggestions, VPN router donations welcome...

Written June 3, 2006

Shipley Net Lives...
(Or, I for one welcome our new robot overlords).

It wasn't easy, but Luke and I have finally managed to link up the three computers we control and have now tested the system -- we have VPN! Not just VPN, but resiliant VPN that can survive every computer on the network going down, then coming back up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to my fellow geeks at Slashdot for their help. They, like me, have answered the question "Why network all these things together?" with "Because we can!"

We're wired together now, which gives us file sharing, chat and other LAN goodies, all encrypted to an NSA-proof standard. What does this mean to users? Instant access to everyone else's shared files, for one thing. No more clicking and saving attatchments. It just a few clicks away.

Remote storage, off-site back up and other such goodies are now available, as well. If you're vaugely associated with the Shipley clan, have a decent broadband connection, are virus and worm free and running Windows XP SP2, drop me a line and I'll get you hooked up. For now, it's just pictures and home movies, but I'm going to work on encrypted, secure storage in the not-too-distant future.

The more people we get online, the more fun it is for everyone.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Gracie's Book List

Gracie’s Book List

Popular Characters

(Softback Hardback Board books)


*Arthur Babysits

*Arthur & Scare Your Pants Off Club

*Arthur’s Baby

*Arthur’s Birthday

*Arthur’s Lost Duckling

*Arthur’s Reading Race

*Arthur’s Thanksgiving

*Arthur’s TV Trouble

*Decks The Halls


*Babar Saves The Day

*Meet Babar & His Family

*Pop Up Travels Of Babar

Baby Bear

*Goes To The Beach

*Goes To The Zoo

Baby Bug

*July/Aug 99

*March 2004

*Vol 3 #8



*Pirate Treasure


*A Day With Barney

*A Tent Too Full

*At The Beach

*Alphabet Fun

*Baby Bop’s ABC Book

*Baby Bop Discovers Shapes

*Barney & Baby Bop’s Band

*Barney & Me At The Circus

*Barney Goes To The Zoo

*Barney’s Friends

*Barney’s Hats

*Book of Hugs

*Come On Over To Barney’s House

*Easter Egg Hunt

*Favorite Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

*Farm Animals

*Farm Songs

*Go To The Doctor

*Go To The Zoo

*Great Adventure

*Happy Birthday Baby Bop

*Happy Valentine’s Day

*Horray For Daddies

*Hooray For Puppies & Kittens

*Makes Music

*Play Safely

*Please & Thank You

*Trick or Treat


*Where Are My Shoes?

Bear In The Big Blue House

*A Surprise In The Mailbox

*Bear Loves Weather

*Bear Loves Bedtime

*Breakfast Treat

Berenstain Bears

*”B” Book

*Bad Dream

*Bad Habit

*Don’t Pollute (Any More)

*Double Dare

*Easter Magic

*Forget Their Manners

*Get The Gimmies

*Go Out For The Team

*Homework Hassle


*Learn About Strangers

*Mama’s New Job

*Messy Room

*Moving Day

*My Potty And I

*New Neighbors

*Pick Up And Put Away

*Slumber Party

*The Truth

*Too Much Birthday

*Too Much Junk Food

*Too Much Pressure

*Too Much TV

*Trouble With Friends

*Trouble With Grownups

*Trouble With Pets

*Visit The Dentist

Blue’s Clues

*Blue Skiddo’s To The Farm

*Blue’s Number 1 Picnic

*Egg Hunt

*Lights On, Lights Off

*Magenta’s Visit

*Seasons in Blue’s Backyard


*Day At The Beach

*Happy Easter Biscuit

*Happy Halloween Biscuit

*Happy Thanksgiving Biscuit

*Meets The Neighbors

*New Trick

Bob The Builder

*Bob’s Birthday

*Let’s Find Shapes

Book & Tape Series

*Alice In Wonderland

*Lady & The Tramp

*Mary Poppins

*Peter And The Wolf

*Peter Pan

*Pete’s Dragon

*Snow White

*Winnie The Pooh, The Blustery Day

Bunny Bunch

*A Day At The Circus

*Let’s Go To Grandma’s House

*The Bunny Bunch Family



*Beach Day (Puppy Days)

*Big Reader

*Book About Me

*Clifford Barks

*Counts Bubbles

*Goes To School

*Grouchy Neighbors

*Magnet Math

*Scary Halloween

*Thanksgiving Visit

*The Firehouse Dog

*The Small Red Puppy

*To The Rescue


*Visits The Hospital

*Word Book


*Best Halloween Ever!


*Corduroy’s Party/Corduroy’s Day

*Easter Party

Curious George

*And The Bunny

*Curious George

*Feeds The Animals

*Goes To The Ice Cream Shop

*Play’s Baseball

Dick & Jane

*A Christmas Story

*I See You

*We Play



*Disney Princesses: Beauties In Bloom



*Goofy’s Big Race

*Hiawatha’s Kind Heart

*Mickey Meets The Giant

*Mickey Mouse Book

*Minnie N Me: The Perfect Bow

*Mousketeer’s Train Ride


*Pinocchio’s Promise

*Road To Reading

*Thumper’s Little Sisters

*Welcome Back Snow White



*Big Dig

*Big Sister Dora

*Easter Basket

*Fairy Tale Adventure

*Hope You Can Come!

*I Love My Mami

*Little Star

Dr. Suess

*Foot Book

*Green Eggs & Ham

*I Am Not Going To Get Up Today

*One Fish, Two Fish

Dragon Tales

*Don’t Forget To Remember

*Down The Knuckerhole

*Emmy’s Dream House

*Fly Away To Dragonland

*In The Mushroom Meadow

*Ord and the Shining Star

*Quetzal And The Cool School

*Raining Cats & Dogs

*Slumerfairy Falls

*Zak & Wheezie Clean Up

D.W. (From Arthur)

*All wet


*Go to Your Room!

*Library Card

*Lost Blankie

*Picky Eater


*Dance Class

*Happy Easter

Five Little Monkeys

*Washing The Car

*Sitting In A Tree

*With Nothing To Do

*Don’t Wake Up Momma!

*Jumping On The Bed


*Best Friends For Francis

*Bread & Jam for Francis

*Best Friends for Francis


*Franklin’s Valentines

*Franklin Is Lost

*Franklin Is Messy

*Franklin And Harriet

*Franklin Plants A Tree

*Franklin’s Birthday

Get A Long Gang

*Missing Caboose

*Big Bully

*New Neighbor

Golden Books

(FLGB): My First Little Golden Books

*A Child’s Year

*Baby Animals On The Farm (FLGB)

*Baby’s Book

*Baby’s Christmas

*Bialosky And The Big Parade


*Bunny’s New Shoes

*Cars And Trucks

*Color Kittens, The

*County Mouse, City Mouse, The

*Fire Engine Book, The

*Five Little Bunnies (FLGB)

*Friendly Bunny, The

*Golden Egg Book, The

*Goodnight Aunt Lily

*Grover’s Mommy (FLGB)

*Home For A Bunny

*How Things Grow

*Let’s Go Shopping

*Lion King, The

*Little Book Of Hymns

*Little Cottontail

*Little Duck’s Moving Day (FLGB)

*Mickey Mouse And The Missing Mousketeer

*Monster At The End Of This Book, The

*My Little Golden Book About God

*My Puppy

*Noah’s Ark (FLGB)

*Old Friends, New Friends

*Old Mother Goose & Other Nursery Rhymes

*Oscar’s Book

*Poky Little Puppy, The

*Prayers For Children

*Rainy Day Play Book

*Saggy Baggy Elephant, The

*Shoelace Book, The

*Snow White

*Tale Of Peter Rabbit, The

*Tawny Scrawny Lion

*Theodore Mouse Goes To Sea

*This Little Piggy

*Tickle Me, My Name Is Elmo

*To Grandmother’s House We Go (FLGB)

*Ugly Duckling, The

*Very Best Home For Me, The

*We Help Daddy

*We Like Kindergarten

*When You Were A Baby

*Xavier’s Birthday Surprise

Grumpy Bunny

*Snowy Day

*Goes To School


*Buzby The Misbehaving Bee


*The Straight Path

*Hermie The Common Caterpillar

If You Give A…

*Mouse To The Movies

*Pig A Pancake

*Mouse To School

*Mouse A Cookie

*Moose A Muffin

Little Bear

*Little Bear’s Friend

*Present For Mama Bear

Little Bill

*Halloween Costume Hunt

*Happy Easter Everyone

*The Meanest Thing To Say

Little Critter

*Just Grandma & Me

*Trick Or Treat

*The New Baby

*All By Myself

*Joke Book

*Just A Rainy Day

*Just Me & My Puppy

*Just Me & My Mom

*Just Lost

*Trick or Treat

*Just Go To Bed

*Merry Christmas Mom & Dad

*A Very Special Critter

*Just Going To The Dentist

*Me Too!

*The Night Before Christmas

*Bye-Bye Mom & Dad

*Two Minute Little Critter Stories

Little People

*Number Circus

*Opposite Safari

*Here Comes The School Bus

*Alphabet Farm

*The Fun Park Is Open

*My Favorite Season

*Color & Shape Shop

*Little Chick Is Lost

*Things That Go

*Music Maker

*Animal Sounds

*Counting Farm

*Busy Animals

*Farm Shapes

*Pen Pals

*Sarah Lynn’s Perfect Party


*Where Is Maisy’s Panda?

*Maisy Loves You

*Where Is Maisy?

Max & Ruby

*Bunny Cakes

*Max’s Chocolate Chicken

*Bunny Mail

*Max’s Valentine

*Max’s Halloween

*Max’s Bedtime

*Max’s New Suit

Miss Spider

*The Sunny Patch Friends Picnic

*Bugs Away

*All Pupa’ed Out

*A Bug A Boo Day Play


*Jeff Gordon

*Sterling Marlin

*Rusty Wallace


* Oh Bother, Someone’s Messy

*Oh Bother, Somebody’s Fibbing

*Two Best Buddies Tales

*Tigger & Winnie The Pooh

*Just Be Nice

*A Birthday Present For Piglet

*Pooh & The Missing Pots

*Winnie The Pooh And His Friends

*Winnie The Pooh (Classic)

*Presents From Pooh

*Good As Gold

*The Perfect Picnic Spot

*Night-Night Roo

*A Walk In The Woods

*Pooh’s Pumpkin Surprise

*Playing Poohsticks

*Pooh’s Perfect Spring Day

*Pooh’s Sleepytime Hum

*Tigger’s Breakfast

Precious Moments

*What A Wonderful World

*We Love America

*Precious Moments Christmas

*Love Is…

*Happiness Is…

*A Child Is…

Raggedy Ann & Andy

*The Raggedy Ann & Andy Book

*I Spy

*Friends Are Fun

Sesame Street

*Grover’s Little Red Riding Hood

*Nothing To Do

*Oscar The Grouch’s Alphabet Of Trash

*The Count’s Number Parade

*The Ernie and Bert Book

*I want To Be A Pilot

*A Visit To The Zoo

*Who’s Who At The Zoo

*A Bird’s Best Friend

*Sleep Tight

*Let’s Eat

*People In My Family

*Grover Goes To School

*Are We There Yet?

*Hide & Seek With Grover

*Baby Animals On the Farm

*I Can Do It Myself

*Bert’s Little Bedtime Story

*Sounds Of Sesame Street


*Spot’s First Easter

*Spot And His Grandparents

* Looks At The Weather

*Spot On The Farm

*Spot’s First Picnic

Strawberry Shortcake

* Meet Strawberry Shortcake

* World Of Friends

* Strawberry Shortcake And Her Friends

Suzy’s Zoo

*Rainy Day Friends

*Tea Party

*Witzy’s Garden


*Flying Kites

*This Little Teletubby

*It’s Tunny Bedtime

*Little Lamb

Thomas The Tank Engine

*James In A Mess

*A Cow On The Line

*Edward’s Exploit

*Thomas And The Big Big Bridge

*Hooray For Thomas

*Thomas The Tank Engine, Big Blue Treasury

*Wave Hello To Thomas

*Thomas And The Hide & Seek Animals

*Thomas And The Weather

*Thomas and His Friends

*Thomas The Really Useful Engine


*A Wiggly Mystery

*A Day At The Zoo

Softback Titles

64 Zoo Lane, Joey The Kangaroo

A Book Of Seasons

A Bug, A Bear, And A Boy Go For A Ride

A Charlie Brown Valentine

A House For A Mouse (Fisher Price)

Adventure In The Dark

Adventures Of Taxi Dog, The

All About You

Amelia Bedelia

Amy Loves The Snow

An Ants Day Off

Ants Go Marching, The

Animal Baby (April ’03)

Animal Baby (Aug/Sept ’00)

Animals All Around

Apple Farmer Annie


Baby Animals (Hill)

Baby Book, The

Baby Wild Animals

Baby Whale

Ballerina Girl

Beady Bear

Bear’s Busy Year

Best Easter Eggs Ever, the

Best Town In The World, The

Bialosky’s Best Behavior

Big little Kitten

Big Sarah’s Little Boots


Bunnies Easter Bonnet

Busy Ballet School

Buzz Bumble To The Rescue

Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom

Christmas is Coming

Christmas Story, The (Holly Babes)

City Mouse, Country Mouse

Clap Your Hands

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

Counting Is For The Birds

Country Bunny and The Little Golden Slippers, The

Cranberry Christmas

Cranberry Easter

Dappled Apples

David And The Very Scary Giant


Deep In The Jungle

Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers

Dolly In Town

Don’t Rock The Ark

Don’t Wake The Baby

Duckling At Home On The Pond

Easter Bunny’s On His Way

Easter Parade

Easter Parade (Curran)

Easter Ribbit

Emma’s Pet

Encyclopedia Bown #17: The Case Of The Treasure Hunt

Fabuland Rainbow, The

Fall Colors

Fall Leaves Fall

Falling Leaves, The

Farm Book, The

Feeling Sad

First Christmas, The

Flea’s Sneeze, The

Forgetful Bears Help Santa

Fox Went Out On A Chilly Night, The

Friendly Beasts, The

Friendly Duck, The

Froggy Gets Dressed

Froggy’s Day With Daddy

Garfield Goes To Obedience School

Geraldine’s Big Snow

Gloria Chipmunk, Star

Good Job Jelly Bean

Good Night Moon

Good Night My Angel

Gulah, Gulah Island, Rain, Rain Go Away

Halloween Cats

Harvey The Baker

Hello Kity, High Flying Day

Henny Penny

Here Are My Hands

Here Comes The Fireman

Hi Diddle Diddle

Holly Hobbie’s Happy Day Book

Holly Hobbie’s Through The Year Book

Home Sweet Home

Hopscotch The Tiny Bunny

How Do You Get There?

How I Found A Friend

How Spider Saved Easter

Humpty Dumpty

Hurray For Christmas

In Our Church

I Knew You Could

I Love You So Much

I Love You Sun, I Love You Moon

If You Walk Down This Road

I’m A Little Tea Pot

I’m Glad I Am Your Mother

It Begins With A

It’s Fall


January Brings The Snow

Jenny’s In The Hospital

Johnny Appleseed

Jump Frog Jump


Kissing Hand, The

Koala Brothers: A Letter For George

Little Duck, The

Little Drummer Boy, The

Little Engine That Could, The

Little Lamb

Little Lamb, The

Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings, The

Little Red Riding Hood

Littles, The: Have A Happy Valentine’s Day

Littles, The: Have A Merry Christmas

Littlest Pumpkin, The

Lively Little Rabbit, The


Love Is A Family

Minerva Louise, The Mixed Up Hen

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Momma Do You Love Me?

Mama Zooms

Mommy Mine

Morning Rabbit, Morning

Mouse And The Motorcycle, The

Mouse Paint

Mouse Who Wanted To Marry, The

Mr. Noisy Builds A House

Mrs. Toggle’s Beautiful Blue Shoe

My Easter Book

My Favorite Book

My First Picture Dictonairy

My Messy Room

My Mommy & Me

My Picnic Basket Book

My River

Nathan & Nicholas Alexander

New Baby, The

Night Before Easter, The

Night Before Summer Vacation, The

Night Before Thanksgiving, The

Noah’s Dove

Noddy’s Super Busy Day

Oats and Wild Apples

Old Macdonald Had A Farm

Old Noah’s Elephants

One Little Teddy Bear

Over In The Meadow



Patchwork Quilt, The

Peace Begins With You


Penguin Family Book, The

Penny And The Four Questions


Pippa Mouse

Playground Book, The

Poems And Prayers For The Very Young

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Puppy Book, The

Racing With NASCAR

Raggedy Ann And Andy Book, The

Rain Came Down, The

Sandcastle Contest

Santa’s Favorite Story

Santa’s Secret Helper

Seven Little Monsters, We Love You Mama

Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything, The

Silent Night


Sleepy Creepy


Smudge’s Grumpy Day

Special Letter, The

Sweet Magnolia

Tales From Aesop

Teeny Witch Goes On Vacation

Temper Tantrum Book, The

Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks

There’s A Dragon In My Wagon

Three Billy Goats Gruff, The

Three Friends And The Pumpkins, The

Three Little Kittens, The

Tiger’s Bedtime

Tiny’s Bath

Tonka: Working Hard Woth Mighty Mixer

Tonka: Working Hard With Busy Fire


Trouble In The Ark

Tortoise And The Hare, The

Transformers, Decepticon’s Hijack

Twelve Days Of Christmas, The

Wednesday Is Spaghetti Day

What Is Thanksgiving?

What Time Is It?

What’s Inside? (Hill)

What’s Opposite (Hill)

Wheels On The Bus (Raffi)

When I Am Big

Where Are Mary’s Pets?

Where Do Kisses Come From?

Where’s Our Mama?

Who Is Coming To Our House?

Wild Animal Baby

Wind Blew, The

Winnie The Pooh

Winter Rabbit

Witch Next Door, The

With A Whoop And A Holler

Zoo Book, The

Hardback Titles

ABC’s Of Lunch

A Child’s Treasury of Beatrix Potter

A Giraffe And A Half

A Present For The Princess

Adam Raccoon & The Mighty Giant

Alice In Wonderland

All God’s Creatures

Angels On Assignment, Grace

Baby Animal Friends

Baby Giggles

Baby’s Bedtime Book, The

Baby’s Lullabies

Barbie & Skipper Go Camping

Bear Who Slept Through Christmas, The

Bears On Wheels

Beauty And The Beast

Bedtime Blessings

Bedtime Treasury

Bless My Family

Bless This Food

Blue Tailed Horse

Boy Who Cried Wolf, The; A Tale Of Sincerity

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Bunnies Go To School

Cabbage Patch Kids: Making Friends

Care Bears: Ben’s New Buddy

Christmas Walk, The

Cookie Tree, The

Ear Book, The

Emma And Mommy Talk To God

Fifty Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Flora’s Blanket

Friends Are For Loving

Frog And Toad Treasury, The

Fuzzy Duckling, The

Gift, The: A Tale Of Generosity

Giggle, Giggle Quack

Giving Tree, The

God’s Wonderful World

Good Morning God

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Guess How Much I Love You

Happy Birthday To You

Hole In The Tree, The

Home Depot Big Book Of Tools, The

Hope’s Gift

I Am Bunny

In A People House

It’s Valentine’s Day

I Want To Be…

Jack And The Beanstalk

Jesus Loves You

Jill’s Glasses

Just The Thing For Geraldine

Karen And The Lost Kitten

Little Red Hen

Long Train

M & M’s Counting Book, The

Marla’s Toyshop Adventure

McBroom’s Zoo

My Big Book Of The Outdoors

My First Book Of Shapes

My First Book Of Words

My Little Book Of Farm Animals

Noah And The Very First Rainbow

Night Before Christmas, The

Nose Book, The

Nubbins And The Tractor

Oh, Baby!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Ojo’s Sing A Long Farm

On The Edge Of The Sea

Paul’s Christmas Birthday

Peter Cottontail

Peter Cottontail And The Great Mitten Hunt

Sara Raccoon And The Secret Place

Spot’s First Picnic

Tea Party Book, The

Three Little Pigs, The

Time For Bed Sleepyhead

Toddler’s Storytime Book, The

Veggie Tales: Bob And Larry’s ABC’s

Veggie Tales: Time For Tom

Velveteen Rabbit, The

Waiting For Christmas

What Do You Say When A Monkey Acts This Way?

What Time Is Grandma Coming?

Where The Sidewalk Ends

Board Books

A Shell For Seahorse

All Things Bright And Beautiful

Andy The Shy Giraffe

Animal ABC’s

Animal Babies

Animal Homes

Animals Counting Book

Away In A Manger

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baby Dolphin

Baby Kangaroo

Baby’s Christmas

Baby’s First Picture Book

Baby’s First Word Book

Baby Piglet

Bailey Bunny’s Bright Moon

Bear Cub

Bear For All Seasons

Bear Loves Weather

Beep, Vroom, Zoom!

Ben The Bee

Bendon Bear and The Gentle Animals

Bible For Me

Bible Heroes

Big Hungry Bear, The

Billy The Bus

Boo! Peakaboo!

Busy Bunnies

Busy, Busy Baby

Care Bear Cousins, What Can You Do?

Cheerios Animal Play Book, The

Christmas In The Manger

Doll Friends

Did You Ever See A Duckie?


Ducklings Golden Sunrise

Ducklings Quack

Engine That Could, The

Extra Special Eggs

Farm Puppy

Farm Donkey

Finger Rhymes

First Animals

Five Little Ducks (Raffi)


God Loves Me

Goodnight Moon

Guess How Much I Love You

Guess Who? Little Butterfly

Guess Who? Little Kitten

Guess Who? Little Puppy

Happy Easter Baby

Happy Thanksgiving

Have You Seen My Duckling?

Hello Laura

Hide And Seek Duck

Hide And Seek Ocean

Hide And Seek Kittens

Hideaway Hollow, The Treehouse Shapes Up

Hokey Pokey, The


Hop A Long Bunny

Hop Like A Bunny, Dance Like A Bear

I Am A Baby

I Don’t Want To Go To Bed

I Don’t Want To Take A Bath

I See Me

Jesus And The Man In The Tree

Jesus Is My Friend

Jesus Listens To Me

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Makes Me Happy

Jungle Friends

Kipper’s Book Of Colors

Let’s Go!

Lift And Peek In To Noah’s Ark

Lift The Flap Mouse

Lift The Flap Chick

Little Baa

Little Bunny

Little Chick Is Lost

Little Pumpkin Book, The

Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, And The Big Hungry Bear, The

Little Red Hen

Long Train

Look! I Can Tie

Mommy Loves Me


My First Number’s Book

My Little Book About God

My Little Word Book

My Potty Book

My Very First Book Of Numbers

My World Of Animals

Nice Animals

NFL 123


NFL Touch And Feel


Noah And Dandi The Dove

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Rocking Boat

Old Bear

Old MacDonald

Out To Play

Parable of the Butterfly, The

Parable of the Lightening Bug, The

Peter Cottontail

Peter Rabbit And His Friends

Peter Rabbit’s Counting Fun

Pond, The

Prayers With Bears

Reindeers’s Big Night, The

Rookie The Fire Truck

Runaway Bunny, The

Safari Splash

Sally The Snail


Snoopy & Woodstock On The Farm

Sparkle Princess

Spike The Spider

Spot Goes Splash

Squirrel’s Party

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear’s Animal Book

Teddy Bears Daring Rescue, The

Teddy Bears Have A Dream, The

Things That Go

This Little Piggy

Three Bears

Tiny Tots Busy Day

Toby’s Dinosaur Halloween

Tumble Teddy’s Big Day Out

Upside Down Ears

Very Hungry Caterpillar, The

Wake Up Toys

Wendell Gets Dressed

Wendell’s Day

Wendell’s Picnic


What Do Baby’s Do?

What Do Ducklings Do?

What’s Happening At The Seashore?

What’s Hatching?

Who’s Hiding In Noah’s Ark?

Who Says Quack?

You Are Special

Zoe’s Snowy Day

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