Sunday, October 10, 2004

Gracie's Big Day

From family email sent October 10, 2004
Gracie has had a big week—but an even bigger day today (October 10, 2004). I didn’t think that my seven month old could melt my heart even more than she already does—but today she said “momma!” I think that might be the best word in the English language!!! Also today, Gracie surprised us by standing on her own. She braces herself with her hands—but she can stand there unassisted. It won’t be long before she’s walking I bet. And to think I was thrilled that she finally learned to crawl on Thursday. Garren and I were at Wal-Mart and while we were in the toy isle, we started thinking about Christmas and what would be best for her—needless to stay we will have to change our lists!!! But we couldn’t be more excited—although it’s also depressing that she is growing up so fast. Gracie has already made her local news debut as Garren used her picture for a story on childhood immunizations. True to form Gracie modeled for the photographer (she is such a ham! Although it’s my fault since I get so excited when she poses). Her first Halloween is coming up soon—she is going to be an adorable giraffe. I even made her trick or treat bag. We plan to go to Lynchburg for Halloween where we have family and friends, so her first one is special. This weekend we took Gracie to a local Pumpkin Patch. It was adorable, there were goats and cows and a horse. She had a blast. She’s just getting over her first cold! I am not sure who was more miserable—me or her! She had never been sick before and it was hard watching her sneeze and cough. But she is much better. We plan to visit Tennessee sometime this winter—likely sometime after Thanksgiving. We will let all of our friends and family in the Volunteer state, know when we are coming.I have droned on too long. I hope all of you have a great week.All our love,Barbara, Garren & Gracie