Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fun Weekend At Grandma's

The three of us are back from a weekend in Lynchburg, but not all of us are happy about it!

Gracie, Garren and I returned late Sunday night after hours of Baby Einstein in the car. That's unfortunately what had to use to bribe her into the car. Poor Gracie has so much fun when she is with Grandma and Grandpa, she never wants to leave. But, don't feel too sorry for her, they as well as Mariah are coming to our house this weekend for another visit. Of course that hasn't stopped her from being a terror for the past 2 days!

As for me, I had a good time at my 10th high school reunion, which I hadn't planned on attending. Two of my high school friends pretty much dragged me to the event, but I was very grateful. It was a nice time and I was glad to catch up with so many people I thought wouldn't even remember me (but they did).

As a family we did many things together this weekend including attending Gracie's first football game, going apple picking with friends who don't live near the mountains, we baked 2 pies with said apples, plus Gracie got ample time to play outside and she racked up a Fisher Price play kitchen that mom and dad promise they will bring to Strasburg next weekend in the Blazer.

If you want to see family pictures from the weekend, you can see them here. If you want to see reunion pics (which unless you went to school with me you proably don't), click here.

PS: I learned that I have quite a few blog readers that I wasn't aware of who enjoy my writing (thanks!!), including a high school teacher of mine who was very encouraging of my less than matured writing talent in her class, and it means a lot that she likes my work--I guess maybe I do have a talent after all! :)

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