Friday, October 13, 2006

Gracie's First Football Game

Garren, Gracie and I are all in Lynchburg this weekend since it is my 10th high school reunion.
No comments necessary, I know how old I am :)

One of the events planned was to attend Heritage High School's homecoming football game tonight. Garren and I were very excited to take Gracie to her first ever football game.

Luckily for us Gracie took a late and rather long nap, since the game didn't start until 7pm. When we got to the stadium we of course had to get what else...popcorn! Gracie ate her popcorn and was mesemerized by the cheerleaders. While she didn't chant along with them she did jump and clap a little with them.

Now by the second quarter the excitement and popcorn started to wane. She kept telling me she was ready to go, but I begged her to hang on until half-time; I knew she would love to watch the band. I was right. We stuck it out and she was glued to the field as the band did their performance. While I would have ordinarily been excited to watch the band, I was very disappointed to see the 150+ member band that I once marched with, dwindled to maybe 50. But, alas, that was many years ago. After the band finished and marched off the field, a very disappointed Gracie looked at me and said "again!"

We stayed a few minutes longer and watched some of the homecoming court and seniors being announced, and then we headed for the car. It was an extremely chilly fall night and we were all cold and tired...and some of us cranky.

Despite the extra layers of clothing, Gracie seemed to really enjoy her first ballgame, and I had a good time talking to some old friends that were there, although I regret not chatting with more classmates. I really need to work on this "self-confidence" thing!

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