Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gracie's First Pony Ride

Gracie and I accompanied Garren this evening on a story interview and much to my delight, Gracie got to ride a pony.

I guess the statement really should be, Gracie actually wanted to ride the pony and wasn't scared. Gracie adores animals--but usually from a distance. Up close and personal just isn't her style.

Garren is working on a story about agri-tourism (basically how farming is cool again and people are paying to pick their own fruits and veggies and taking their kids to see livestock.) A few weeks ago Garren saw a sign near Toms Brook advertising the Hat Creek Pumpkin Patch, so we decided to check it out. This isn't the one we usually go too, but it was a very cute family-run farm with tons of animals. We happened to be the only ones there, but they are apparently very busy on weekends.

Gracie was in awe of the dozens of animals that included 3 horses, a potbellied pig, 2 dogs, a cat, a half dozen guineas, a turkey, a mule, and at least 2 dozen more fowl of different persuasions. While Garren was off doing his interview we took a peek at all of the animals and saw the pumpkins growing in the field. But, the fun part was when the young girl helping her mom with the place, put a saddle on her miniature horse and convinced Gracie to take a ride. Garren held on to her the entire time, but she held on to the saddle and seemed to enjoy the ride. When the ride was over she even thanked the "horsey" and patted him on the head.

It was wonderful to watch, and I was so proud that my shy little toddler was extending herself. Of course I took tons of pictures and even a video. You can see the pictures in the October folder, and click here to watch the video.

I just had to share. I guess there are a few more "firsts" still out there for me, and I dearly hold on to each and every one!

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