Friday, October 27, 2006

Pumpkin Carving Part 2

As if we haven't already packed plenty of fun in to this rainy Friday, we decided to tackle pumpkin carving as well...yes, again!

The beautiful pumpkins we carved on Sunday were unfortunately not photographed until Wednesday or Thursday and had to stay at Daddy's office since Monday morning, much to Gracie's disappointment. So you can imagine, carved pumpkins + 3 days in a office = rotted pumpkins. An unfortunate waste. Poor Gracie missed her pumpkins so much, that we decided to get two more to carve.

Following the party, we spread out the newspaper and got started again. I was excited this time to watch Gracie want to help scrape out the insides! On Sunday she stayed far away from the pumpkin activity.

Since our patterns from last weekend couldn't be re-used, we reprinted some new ones and Gracie got another Dora pumpkin. The two jack-o-lanterns are now decorating the top of the entertainment center since it is still raining outside, and Gracie seems quite content.

The lengths we go to make holidays special for our beloved children. :)

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