Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank You Uncle Luke!

Dear Uncle Luke:

Thank you so much for the package you sent me in the mail today. I was so excited that I got to open the big box. I found the orange pom-pom first and had lots of fun shaking it everywhere. I liked the books too, mommy read me the Smoky one before naptime. I liked everything you sent, but I liked the popping bubbles most of all!! Mommy showed me how to pop them, and she even let me stomp on them. It was so much fun! Thanks for sending the bubbles....and the books and pom-pom.

Love You,

Uncle Luke was so kind to send Gracie a box full of fun from the University of Tennessee (also where I attended) where he is now a sophomore. We will be sure to put the pom-pom away for future use as Daddy and Gracie watch UT games, and the children's book on Smoky was precious! I recommend it for any UT fan. Thanks again Luke.

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