Sunday, September 16, 2007


Gracie got a wonderful surprise this afternoon as Grandma drove all the way from Lynchburg to play with her.

Actually, Grandpa needed to see Grandma Anna (his mother, my grandmother, who lives in Wardensville, about 30 minutes from here) and he dropped Grandma off on the way.

Gracie and Grandma played for several hours with every toy in this house. They started with dressing baby dolls and ended with games and tools.

When Grandpa came to pick up Grandma, Gracie was not a happy camper. Grandpa stayed and played a game or two, but then they had to head back. But, not before she impresses both of them with her computer skills.

Gracie hugged them goodbye, but cried for a good 5 minutes after they left. She broke my heart (and theirs), by crying out "stay and play with me," "come back!"

I have reassured Gracie that we will go and visit Grandma and Grandpa for a nice long visit first weekend in October. Not being able to tell time yet, she is less than satisfied.

By the way, I tried this dress on her that she is to wear Tuesday for school. She only had it on for a short while, I don't want you to think I had her wear a dirty dress to school!

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Grandma said...

Thank you for playing with me on Sunday. I had a really fun time. I was sad to leave. I am so glad you will be coming to visit me soon. We can play at Grandma's house. Maybe you can help me decide what we should play. I can hardly wait to play again. See you soon. Love you!