Thursday, January 17, 2008

Indoor Snow Fun

This is the only way to play in the snow!!! I have gathered several large bowls full of snow and Gracie is having a blast playing with it in the bathroom sink. She has brought out her miniatures and they are having snowball fights, and making snow friends. I made her wear her gloves, but it is warm in the house so she isn't soaking wet and cold and her nose isn't running. I love it!

I doubt I will be able to get out of going outside all together--but until the snow is a little thicker and isn't falling as hard, it's a nice compromise.


Candice said...

Looks like fun Gracie! We got NO SNOW (as the horse forecast stated on 107.7-which is ALWAYS right about the weather by the way). However, we got out of school for who knows what! I am a happy camper. I'm sure we'll be back in there tomorrow, but Friday is early dismissal day (and it also happens to be pay day) so I'm not too bummed about going back!

Grandma said...

Hey Gracie, it looks like you are having a lot of fun playing in the snow! It looks like your friends are having fun too. Maybe I should go outside and get some snow for Grandpa to play in. He is walking (pacing) around the house not knowing what to do. Well, maybe I'll just give him a list of things to do if he can't think of something. That's what I used to do to Uncle Brian. Oh well, have lots of fun!