Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quote Of The Week

Daddy let Gracie stay up a little later tonight (even though she didn't take a nap!!!) to watch the first game of the season for the Washington Nationals. Anyway, she loved this little daddy daughter time...that is until the popcorn ran out.

She found a puzzle and was working it when Daddy decided to explain some sort of baseball action that had happened. As daddy is prone to do, he gives a very wordy explanation. Clearly ignoring what he said, or at least not interested, her next words were priceless.

"Wow Daddy, that was a lot of words you just said."

I couldn't hold it in! I think that a lot, I just don't say it out loud. Thank goodness he doesn't give pop quizzes on all of these things he wants to tell us. :)

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