Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Reason I Want Out

The front of my apartment complex is in the paper this morning--front page.

Gracie and several people we know have been the subject of a photo several times over the past 4 years, as Garren has needed. I think Rich has been in our apartment more times than my in laws.

This time though, I didn't want to be apart of the story.

It's no secret that I want out of the apartment. It's too small, there is no room for Gracie to play, I am not thrilled with the habits of my other neighbors (smoking, and who knows what else). But today, I have a whole new reason for wanting to be anywhere else.

The little boy who moved in a few months ago is five years old, and what happened to him this weekend, has given me a whole new reason to worry.... and move away.

You can read the story here.


hhalpin said...

Good grief! So scary! Yikes! I hope he is okay and that your apartment complex is much less notorious...and that you are able to move out soon!

Grandma said...

I'm glad Mommy and Gracie were OK while daddy was in TN. I don't think I could have left them after this incident.