Friday, May 30, 2008

Good Job Mallory

Garren, Gracie and I all cheered out loudest tonight after watching Mallory perform in not one, but two plays.

Mallory had a smaller (but great) role in the first short play, and a much larger role in the longer play after intermission.

Gracie loves Mallory, but she also really liked intermission. They give out free drinks and kettle corn.

Above is a picture of Gracie getting a hug from Mallory after both performances were over. We brought her a bouquet--Gracie picked out all pink flowers just for her Mallory.

This was the end of the school year for Mallory. We look forward to new plays next year!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Realative Wrap Up

Mamaw and Papaw are on their way to Aunt Heather's in Illinois this morning. We said our goodbyes last night. We may get to see them one more time at the end of next week when we go and stay with Candice and Elliott for a week.

We had a good, but exhausting visit with them. We took them on a tour of Stasburg (that took about 5 minutes), Garren showed them where he worked and gave them a tour of the paper's office, they went to church and saw the wonderful people there. Then there was the Newtown Festival in Stephen's City when they had Gracie all to themselves for a few hours. And she got way too much sugar. We played Wii, we played ponies, we went to DC, we went antique shopping and to Costco, and had some very yummy meals and deserts. And then we upped Family Movie Night to Tuesday and watched Dumbo and had popcorn.

Before they left we took time to make some special hello's for Aunt Heather, Uncle Kenny, DJ, Ryan & Casey.

We hope they had a wonderful time, and will get some much needed rest. I didn't realize how busy our lives could be if you crammed everything in four days! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day In DC

Well, everyone survived! Mamaw and Papaw have returned with us from their very first visit to our nation's capitol. Mamaw says it will likely be their last as well, but we will see. They even weathered their first trip on a train rather well, and for anyone who has never done it, it can be a hair raising experience.

Besides being exhausted, hot, and oh so very sore....the trip went very well.

Unfortunately we tried to squeeze too many sights in to the one day trip, so we walked....a lot!

I was worried about going on Memorial Day, but in the end, I was glad we did. We were apart of something very special in that so many veterans, families, and groups traveled from all over the US and the World to pay tribute.

It was crowded, but we maneuvered rather well, and I am happy that we made the trip.

We saw the Air & Space Museum, the Mall, the Veterans Memorial, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, the Pentagon, a glimpse of the White House, the Zoo...and everything in between including a carousel in the middle of the park.

What a day. Did I mention it was 90 degrees! We went through all 6 bottles of water we brought along and then some. I think everyone had a wonderful time though, and once we rest up, we have plenty more fun in store for our guests.

Between the two cameras, we took millions of pictures; but here are a few highlights.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


They have only been here 24 hours, and Gracie has already worn them out!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Mamaw and Papaw are here. They have come all the way from Tennessee to visit with Gracie for a few days. Their next stop is to see the remainder of their grandchildren in Illinois.

This is their first visit in about two years. I would say a lot of things have changed, but really, this small apartment is about the same. Well, maybe there is a little less room, a few more dresses, too many more toys....oh, and Gracie is a little bigger too! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The People In Your Neighborhood

"Oh, these are the people in your neighborhood, your your neigh-bor-hoooood!"

This song has been stuck in my head all day long as Gracie I talked about jobs and what people do at work.

It all kind of started innocently as we took Daddy some lunch at his office today. Then, we went for a walk around town. We talked about what Daddy did at work (writes stories for the newspaper), and what mommy's job is (taking care of Gracie). Then, we saw a lot of cars in the parking lot and she said they were all at work. As we walked along King Street we talked about different places and what people inside were doing as their jobs. We passed a restaurant, a library, the fire station. We went inside the post office, and we saw a police car pass us with the lights on. So, I had plenty of opportunity to talk about lots of jobs and community helpers. All of this seemed to stick with her and she was very interested. Between businesses we talked about what jobs people in our family have, and she was fascinated.

When our walk was finished I asked her what job seemed like something she might want to do when she grew up. She said "I want to be a princess."

After her nap, I decided to continue the lesson, and I made a worksheet and we reviewed all of the jobs we saw today, and a few others.

You might be interested to see our worksheet--you might be on it. After a while, I kind of blanked on other people and what they do. So, if you can write us a note about what you do (in preschool terms) and we will add some more occupations to our list! Thanks!

PS: If something is in quotes, those are her exact words to describe what that person does.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sugar High

Gracie could hardly wait until 4:00 to go to her first cake decorating class!

She helped make the cake this morning (lemon). She mixed and poured, and licked the spoon. Then she waited for it to cool. She watched mommy ice the cake, and licked the knife. And just when the cake looked super yummy, she realized she would have to wait several more hours to decorate it, and even longer to taste it!

It was a long wait, but it was well worth it.

Gracie was one of 3 kids at the decorating class taught by the sweetest lady, known as Ms. Kitty.

Today's theme was May Flowers and she showed Gracie how to make grass, stems, leaves, flowers, and flower centers.

These cakes came out super cute, and I was so proud of Gracie for learning so quickly. She made many of the flowers on her cake all by herself. I helped a little, but then let her take the icing bag and have at it!

After we finished a field full of flowers, we wrote her name and added a few other flourishes. Towards the end, Gracie was just having fun using up the icing. I think she would have covered the whole cake in icing if she could!

I am so glad that we got to participate this time around. If you remember the last class was canceled because Gracie was the only one signed up. Today they combined two groups and got 3 kids all together. So, again Gracie was the only one for her age group. I do hope they offer this again, it is such a fun idea.

They are offering adult classes, and you all know how I love to do cakes (see my cakes here). I am learning slowly, but I would love to be able to take an hour or two and do something for myself. Maybe I can find a sitter and sign up for this summer.

I got some great pictures from today. I posted the best.

As for the lemon cake, we all got a slice after dinner, and it was delicious. Too bad you aren't here to taste it for yourselves. I have quite the little pastry chef here. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A New Plan

I was hoping to have started our new schedule last week, but with Gracie's bad cough and allergies, and then whatever it is Garren had for nearly a week--it got pushed back.

But, today we are doing rather well with it.

I know it might seem silly, but Gracie is such an active child and I think a lot of the problems we have been having around here stems from the fact that I can't keep her mind occupied. She needs to be interacting all of the time, and without a schedule of some sort, she is impossible to deal with.

We had a schedule, a very loose one. We got dressed, had breakfast, lunch, etc at certain times; but those in between hours were chaos. She would want to play, I would need to do things, and we both would be so irritable because no one was getting what they needed.

I have found that keeping her occupied (with positive things of course) makes for a happier, healthier Gracie. Thus, I came up with a new system for our days.

Each day she will know that she gets plenty of time one on one with mommy, plus there are things to look forward to.

I really think this will help our mood and positive reaction. She is such a smart child, and her mind literally never stops. Plus, without preschool she will miss a lot of the interaction and movements she so desperately needs. So for a bonus this schedule should keep this summer going smoothly.

I will have to let you know at the end of the week how well it is going, but so far, so good!

Note to self: buy an oven timer for her. Solo play is still very hard as she can't manage for 15 minutes playing by herself. She so needs to develop this skill. I hope doing this once a day will improve this big lag in her development. With the timer she will know how many more minutes she has and when it is time to come out for story time. Eventually the goal would be that she won't notice the timer and will want to play alone for longer!

Monday, May 19, 2008


If there is one word that will drive me mad, it is "why."

Now I know this is a favorite of kids, and I have laughed at many a child who asked their parent "why," and then asked again and again answer after answer.

Needless to say, I am no loner laughing!

Gracie is in a "why" stage, but what makes it so annoying, frustrating, and insane is the fact she really doesn't want a real answer. Back when she was 2 she would also ask "why," but then she wanted to know how the world worked.

I can't explain this new stage, and what she hopes to accomplish. Maybe she thinks it is funny? Maybe she knows it drives me nuts and wants to push my buttons? Maybe she isn't paying attention and keeps repeating herself? Who knows! But, I have noticed that the "why's" are usually accompanied by some sort of limit or task. Like when I say "Gracie go brush your teeth," or "Gracie it is time for dinner."

Whatever the reason--it is driving me crazy! Garren is particularly annoyed as well, but remember folks, I am the one here all day.

I remember to keep my temper, but I am sure some annoyance comes across. In the meantime I will continue to pray for patience....and hope that this phase will pass!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gracie And The Wii

Garren prompted me to take these videos, as Gracie is so hilarious playing Wii Bowling! She concentrates so hard, and her "form" is adorable. She actually can get several strikes per game.

What she is playing below is from the training exercise. Watch our little bowler in action!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mayfest 2008

Gracie and I had a hot, and exhausting day here in Strasburg for this year's Mayfest celebration.
Daddy stayed at home as he is still not feeling well. But, Gracie and I braved the crowds and had a good time. We got a pretty good spot for the parade, and the Mozingo's sat with us as we watched the characters of this small town parade by.

After the hour long parade, I was super hot and very worn out. We had to walk over a mile just to park, and the crowd was so thick as usual. So, we headed back to the car and went home to cool off and rest for a while.

We returned to the festivities around 6, where we took in the carnival. Gracie has been looking forward to this for days. We got her the $15 armband and let her ride until after 8. I think we rode the carousel 8 times or more. This was the only ride she needed to have an adult. Actually, she really didn't need me, but the horses are high up and it went pretty fast and she didn't want to go by herself. With Daddy out of commission it was up to me to endure the round and round! Luckily we took breaks in between when she would ride the swings, the elephants, or the cars.

Before we left she got a treat. She picked out cotton candy, and I had to tell her she could only eat half tonight! She was really downing that sugar fast!

We had a good day, but I have to admit it isn't as fun without the whole family. Plus, being by yourself with a little one can be very stressful and exhausting. But, we made it through, and she had a wonderful day. I have tons of Mayfest pictures and videos. I am putting them on Picasa. So, click here to see them.

We hope all of you are having a good weekend as well!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ms. Christine Ms. Julie Ms. Stephanie

Gracie's Last Day

Gracie's first year of preschool is over. What a year. She made so many friends, and did such exciting and fun things. And what wonderful changes she has experienced. I was sure that preschool was what she needed to overcome her paralyzing shyness, and she has made such strides.

She has also benefited from the chance to play with other kids, and allow other people in to her very exclusive "inner bubble." Gracie is such a sweet and loving child, but only to those people she allows close to her.

The last day seemed to be a pretty big hit for all of the kids. The teachers let them get a taste of what they will get to do in next year's class. They brought out the dirt, sand and water tables for the kids to experiment in.

There was also a pizza party today. Gracie is a not a fan of pizza (or any other kid favorites like cheeseburgers or hot dogs--go figure), but she said she ate a cookie.

I left my camera and Ms. Julie got some great pictures. I also got a picture with each of her teachers. We took them a small gift of a yellow flower and card. They have been so good to us this year, it wasn't much, but a little thank you.

So, thus marks the end of another journey. But, I can't tell you how thankful I am for all of the support and help I have had this school year. And, how thankful I am I have another year before my baby goes to Kindergarten!

See the pictures from her last day, along with all the other pictures from this school year here. (Last day of school pictures are at the bottom)

Final Letter From Preschool

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

End Of A Streak

We made it over four years without having to take Gracie to the doctor. Well, except wellness visits of course.

Gracie has always been a super healthy child, and Garren and I are parents who don't believe in running your child to the doctor for every sniff and sneeze.

She has had her fair share of colds, but nothing worse (knock on wood). No broken bones, no bad infections or diseases.

But, today her cough was so bad I was really concerned. Poor Gracie has bad allergies like her daddy, and I thought it was just a lot of drainage. Turns out I was right--but the seal-like cough was too much and I didn't want to chance it.

Gracie could barely go a few minutes without coughing so hard she choked, and last night it made her vomit. So, around 6pm, I took her to the Urgent Care. (I knew by the time I got to the pediatrician and they had to stay after hours, it would be a long night and an expensive bill) We were so lucky that there was no line and a wonderful nurse to help us through everything.

Gracie of course was a basket case and had to be held down just so the nurse could look in her throat. She didn't have a temperature, but her throat was super red. We did a Strep test and that came back negative. The best diagnosis: allergies and drainage. This is a super bad year for allergies, and Gracie just body just can't keep up.

The nurse gave me a prescription cough syrup and we are hoping it will do some good.

Gracie is fine, and I appreciate the emails and e-cards. There is no reason she shouldn't be able to go to school on Thursday.

No School For Gracie

Poor Gracie had to miss out on school today. This is the second "sick" day she has had this entire school year, which I guess isn't bad. They say it is the worst for germs and illness.

Gracie had severe allergy problems, and then they escalated into a cold. This is the third time she has gone through it this year. Now, she has the worst cough. Poor thing coughed so hard she puked last night.

Her cough was so bad this morning, and she was so miserable I couldn't send her to school. I debated last night, and decided to see how she was in the morning.

This is her last week of school, and I hated for her to miss out. They were making Father's Day gifts today too.

I called the preschool and left a message, hopefully I will get a call tomorrow. I asked if there was anything I could contribute to Thursday's pizza party and if Gracie could bring home the craft for Daddy's day. I also asked to bring my camera and capture the last day of school.

What an exciting and heavy day for mommy and daughter. I guess we are about to pass another milestone in her life. Ah, I hope this summer goes very slowly! :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Look At My Rose

This would be the first full bloom of the first rose bush I got. Isn't it gorgeous!

I am so proud of my little patch of color. I know it is just a deck, but you would be amazed at how seeing all of that life and color everyday just boosts your mood. It definitely has made a difference to me.

I say if you really enjoy something, find the time and effort to do it.

Plus, the big bonus for me is; when we get a house I can take my roses with me and they will be apart of our past growing in the yard of our future. Okay, I just realized how cheesy that is--but I love it!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day

Garren snapped a picture for me after church today of Gracie and I. Now, I have one for at least 3 years in a row.

The pink carnation was from church. Each mom got a flower, and it was very sweet. I would have gotten two, but shy Gracie wouldn't go up to the front for the children's service. ;)

I opened her card and it was very cute. She wrote "Mommy" on the front, although she told me daddy helped her with the "y." She even signed her name inside.

I also got to open her gift from preschool. It was a bracelet made from foam shapes. I loved it of course and will have to save it for my best outfit.

Yesterday they took me to lunch at Olive Garden, and I picked out a miniature pink rose plant. I guess I just can't get enough of those beautiful plants. It makes a great addition to my deck garden. And oh, it smells heavenly!

I hope all of you are having wonderful mother's days, and you have such special little people to share it with.

Happy Mother's Day

Love to all of our favorite mothers on this special day. We hope you feel love the love that so many have for each of you!

(Barbara & Brian)

(Heather, Luke & Garren)

Aunt Heather
(DJ, Ryan & Casey)


(Taylor, Jonas, Mason & Van)

(Luke & Claire)

(Jaxon & Maddie)


(Emily & Riley)

(Josh, Sara & Baby #3)

(Ethan & Baby #2)

(Ella & Logan)


(Cory & Cody)


(Lucie, Nellie & Sassie...I think even pets count :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Unreasonable Expectations

I realized today that I am only human. Cool huh!

Actually, I realized how much we as parents and individuals can still have the rug pulled out from under us when it comes to how we perceive others.

When we were kids, we thought our parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. were infallible.

Garren talks about how boys react the day the realize they can beat their fathers. He says it is hard to see the man that you once thought was invincible as only mortal. He can also recall the day he realized his father was wrong about something. For him this was a HUGE blow. I can't remember seeing the truth in people when I was a child, as I was (and still very much am) a person who lives in my own sugary sweet naive world. But, I can back knowing some of the awful things I know about my family, or former neighbors, and it shades my view of them.

Today, I found that I still put people up on pedal stools.

Gracie and I were in Food Lion picking up a rotisserie chicken and when we checked out we found ourselves in line behind one of her preschool teachers. Gracie was so shocked I thought she was going to fall out of the little toy cart she was pretending to drive. We of course talked and smiled at her and waited our turn. And that is when the cashier returned with a pack of cigarettes.

Now, at this point most of you are laughing at me, but remember I am a first time mother who, I guess, expects any one who cares for my precious bundle to be perfect.

I should know better. Teachers are people too. They have lives, and faults, and are in fact fallible. My best friend Candice will tell you. She is a fourth grade teacher and I am sure that she has a few not-so-perfect qualities. Given this knowledge, I will have to admit, watching her buy cigarettes; which aren't illegal, are part of the norm in society, and are her own personal business; knocked me for a loop.

I am sure that I would get through life a lot easier if I were more like Garren. He expects the worse from people and says that way he is never disappointed. Me, I feel let down when a stranger doesn't respond to my smile or hello. While this frame of mind isn't the most healthy, maybe it is a little better. After all, I would rather expect the best from people, and have them expect the best from me. If we all tried a little harder, this big 'ole world would be a lot happier.

Can I buy anyone a Coke? :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can't Wait

I can't wait to see what surprise Gracie made for me. I can't open it until Sunday, I don't know if I will make it ;)

Gracie was so pleased when I picked her up from preschool today. The teachers reminded all of the kids that what was inside each of the yellow bags was a secret and to tell mommy she can't open it until Sunday.

Gracie said snack was animal crackers. She played with Joanna--I think. She told me Joanna's pearls fell off of her necklace, but she helped her pick them up.

That was all the information I got out of her. But, I know she had a good day. I am dreading having to tell her next week that school is over!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Waiting For Barbie

The newest obsession in our home is: Barbie.

I am not sure if Barbie looks fun, if other kids play with her, or if its because I said she couldn't have Barbie's until she was 8...but it seems like that is all I hear about.

The Barbie phenomenon began many months ago. In fact it got so bad that I finally told her she could have Barbie's when she is older like Mariah. I made it a little more definite when I put an age on it. Gracie can now play with Barbie when she is 8. (Mariah is 10, and I think that is a little too long to wait.)

Now, this is not over image issues, although I am not a fan of her non-existent waist and perfect looks. But, I am a believer in kids take away from things what YOU put in them. If I tell her Barbie is a bad role model, then she will believe it. If I believe Barbie is a toy (which I do), then it will simply be a toy.

No, my reasons are a little more simplistic. She is already growing up plenty fast. Now it is My Little Pony, next Barbie....then what? I don't want her to be one of these kids that is in to bad music and MP3 players and inappropriate clothing by the time she is 9!!! When I was a kid, we played with dolls and Barbie's until we were like 12. That's one of my biggest problems with kids and parents today---they are helping them grow up at an alarming rate. There is so little time to be a kid and develop an imagination and innocence. I refuse to help aid in my daughter becoming a tween or whatever it is called--before her time.

So, no Barbie's until she is 8. And, until then I guess I will have to endure all of the talk about Barbie, and the weird conversations about how much longer until she is big enough to play with them.

In the meantime, she has a room full (and I mean packed to the gills) with toys and books, and so many other important play things. Including I might add Kelly dolls, which are Barbie's little sister.

I figure four years old is just right to play with little sisters. :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sunny Day

Gracie and her preschool pals painted suns today with very bright and glittery yellow paint. How do I know? She came home with it in her hair and on her dress. I asked if they wore smocks to pain today, and Gracie said "no." This is only the second time all year that Gracie has come home with paint on her or her clothes. The hair doesn't surprise me, she is famous for scratching her head of smoothing hair away from her ears while her hands are covered in paint, food, etc.

Snack was cheese crackers and apple juice. She was quite a mess between the cheese mouth, juice mustache, and yellow spatters. But, everyone still thought she was adorable as we headed to the Fellowship Hall in the church after we picked her up. Today was town elections, and you know how Garren is about voting. He and Gracie got to use the town's one electronic (computer) voting booth while I managed with the felt tipped pen. :)

I didn't get many more details about school today, but I could tell she had a good time.

Only 5 more classes for her before the school year ends. I am hoping we will have our Kings Dominion tickets by then so we can go and celebrate her first school year. Next year she is in the four year old class and she will go 3 days a week. Nobody mention how much longer until Kindergarten, I can't bear it yet!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Rules And Blood

For starters, there is a new rule in our house---NO DRINKS OR FOOD OUTSIDE THE KITCHEN.

This would be after Gracie knocked over not one, but two very full drinks in the past 24 hours. Last night it was her chocolate milk from a kids meal that I let her eat at the blue table in the living room. This morning it was my full glass of Dt. Pepsi that she knocked over with her horse-on-a-stick. I got soaked, and a little upset. The new rule was immediately put in place. Actually, I will be the one who will have to watch myself very closely--I am bad about taking a drink in to the living room or having a snack on the couch.

On a completely different note; Gracie got her first nose bleed today. I was remarkably calm as I dabbed it clean with a tissue. I knew right away it was from allergies, as Garren gets these all the time. There wasn't much blood, but I am hoping that these episodes will be few and far between. They say this is actually a record bad year for pollen. Great!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Circus Fun

We caught the last performance of the circus this afternoon in Winchester. Actually, I planned it that way. With so much going on with Apple Blossom, I thought things would be a little less hectic today.

We had a wonderful time, and brought some friends with us. Kathy wanted to take Emma to her first circus, and so they went with us.

As much fun as I had, I had the most fun watching my cincical husband light up like a six year old boy. I captured several pictures to this effect, but this one is the best. I know Gracie was having a great time, but Garren just may have had more fun.

You see, Garren hates the circus. He has been dreading it since I wrote in on the calendar a month ago. He brooded all weekend and even tried to get out of going a few times. He didn't get to go as a child, and thought that the circus was reserved for rich people. He told me he always wanted to ride the elephants, but was told it was too much money. I told him he could ride if he wanted to--but you know Garren, he stiffened his lip and declined.

But once we got inside that tent and all of the fun got going, it was like he was getting a chance to be a little boy again. Between acts and I couldn't help watch him and Gracie for awhile. Those are the kinds of moments that you can never plan for, and you can never truly describe.

When it was all over, I asked Gracie what her favorite part was, and she said "the high wire princesses!" I have to admit that was one of my favorites too. I was thrilled to go to the circus, and I was beaming the entire time. Partly from the cool performances, party from watching my happy family for two hours. Either way my cheeks hurt when we left.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh The Blackmail Possibilities

I have so many more pictures and videos than this from our fun night with the Mozingo's!

Garren has been dying to have Tom come over and play. Tonight after we got home from errands, and a family day out in Winchester, we found them home and not busy (which is super rare--they are the Energizer bunny of families!).

I put out a few snacks, but the main attraction of course was the Wii. Only four people could play at a time (we will have to get another Wiimote), but everyone had the best time.

I think the funniest moment was when Mallory tried out the boxing game, and her parents were actually yelling out "hit 'em Mall!" "Cover your face!" "Jab 'em!" It took everything in me not to roll on the floor. Although, Tom and Guitar Hero had to have been a close second in memory making moments!

We love it any time they can come over. Maybe now Garren can have someone come over to play more often. :)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Not Many Complaints

Gracie, Daddy and I forwent Family Movie night tonight in favor of Family Game night. We had the best time playing bowling with our new toy.

We have Wii rules, and at any point I feel like it interferes with family time, it will be put in the penalty box for a while.

I don't plan to cancel family movie night in the future--be I definitely think we will add a Family Game Night to our week! Next time I will have to take videos, Gracie has really gotten the hang of this thing, and she nearly beat mommy. :)

New Faces

We have some newcommers to our deck garden. Meet Mommy, Gracie & Daddy Grasshead. They appear to love their new home tacked to the deck railing. I am sure that they will enjoy everything Colley Block has to offer. :)

I will have to snap pictures when Gracie gets to cut their hair. I am thinking it will be about 2 weeks before the grass will grow.

Clearly I painted these pots, I wanted them to have faces to make the grass head part work better. Gracie painted several other pots. We will have to get some more flowers to fill them up as well.

Kids Explainations

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Flower Craft

Gracie and I just did the neatest craft. I was waiting for a warmer day, and a few fallen petals--and I am so proud of the results.

I read this online, I think. Anyway, you take white cloth and put flower tops or petals (we used fallen ones, I didn't want Gracie to think it was okay to pluck living flowers, especially mine!!) face down on top.

Fold the cloth in half over the flowers. Use a hammer (I suggest a mallet, although we used Gracie's toy hammers and they worked great!). Oh, and put a brown paper bag under the sheet, it keeps the petals from moving.

The idea is: the colors from the flowers will imprint on the fabric. It looks amazing.

I am going to hang on to the old pillow case I used for when we get more fallen blooms. Once it is done I think I will make a Spring bag out of it.

I recommend this to anyone with kids. And like I said we used her pretend tool set and it worked great, so even little ones can do this.

And below; I wanted to show off my new deck garden. There is a mixture of sets and seeds. I can't wait until everything is in bloom!

Left to Right: (Top Row) Bachelor button seeds in hanging basket, Pansies in the middle, marigolds in the bunt pan. (Bottom Row) Daisy seeds in small round pot, lettuce seeds in square pot, tulips in round pot with bee on top, double pink impatient plant in round pot under marigolds.

Middle of Deck left to right (Top) 3 Easter baskets I got from Dollar General for $.10 each!! I worked with them and added potting soil and wildflower mix seeds. I can't wait to see these. (Bottom) tulips are in all round pots that appear empty, actually you can see a little green poking up--I got these in dirt way late. Square pot has Gracie's minature red roses. Green rectangle has purple flowers. I totally forgot what they are and Garren helped clean up and I lost the little sticks.
On top in the bread pans are pink flowers (again, lost the tags I will have to look these up), the last pan has daisy seeds in it. Below in the brown rectangle box are marigold seeds. My pink roses are the tall ones in the clay pot.

Pain Free!

The nasty tooth is out, thank goodness. And, I am actually pain free--at least for now. The anesthesia wore off about an hour and a half ago. My mouth still feels weird, and I still have to eat soft foods--but I am pain free.

Don't ask me about how I feel with a hole in my mouth though--I don't want to talk about it.

Gracie has been a very good Mommy's helper today; despite the fact she was nervous to see me when she got home from school. She wouldn't come all the way in to the bedroom where I was resting. She kept looking at me like a deer in headlights. My face was very swollen and I had gauze in my mouth. Daddy picked her up from school and told her I was okay and talking kind of funny. We thought that would lighten the mood, but she keep getting upset and telling Daddy "See, she doesn't talk funny!" A hug, a Happy Meal on the bed, and a few minutes seem to bring her back to normal though.

Thanks for all of the well wishes. The dentist did say I may have some jaw pain--I got a nerve blocker. But, for now, I seem to be fine.