Thursday, May 01, 2008

Flower Craft

Gracie and I just did the neatest craft. I was waiting for a warmer day, and a few fallen petals--and I am so proud of the results.

I read this online, I think. Anyway, you take white cloth and put flower tops or petals (we used fallen ones, I didn't want Gracie to think it was okay to pluck living flowers, especially mine!!) face down on top.

Fold the cloth in half over the flowers. Use a hammer (I suggest a mallet, although we used Gracie's toy hammers and they worked great!). Oh, and put a brown paper bag under the sheet, it keeps the petals from moving.

The idea is: the colors from the flowers will imprint on the fabric. It looks amazing.

I am going to hang on to the old pillow case I used for when we get more fallen blooms. Once it is done I think I will make a Spring bag out of it.

I recommend this to anyone with kids. And like I said we used her pretend tool set and it worked great, so even little ones can do this.

And below; I wanted to show off my new deck garden. There is a mixture of sets and seeds. I can't wait until everything is in bloom!

Left to Right: (Top Row) Bachelor button seeds in hanging basket, Pansies in the middle, marigolds in the bunt pan. (Bottom Row) Daisy seeds in small round pot, lettuce seeds in square pot, tulips in round pot with bee on top, double pink impatient plant in round pot under marigolds.

Middle of Deck left to right (Top) 3 Easter baskets I got from Dollar General for $.10 each!! I worked with them and added potting soil and wildflower mix seeds. I can't wait to see these. (Bottom) tulips are in all round pots that appear empty, actually you can see a little green poking up--I got these in dirt way late. Square pot has Gracie's minature red roses. Green rectangle has purple flowers. I totally forgot what they are and Garren helped clean up and I lost the little sticks.
On top in the bread pans are pink flowers (again, lost the tags I will have to look these up), the last pan has daisy seeds in it. Below in the brown rectangle box are marigold seeds. My pink roses are the tall ones in the clay pot.


Candice said...

Neat idea! I'm glad you can deal with flowers. I kill them. They just don't remind me to water them. If Lucie didn't ask for her food at the cabinet, I'm not sure what would happen! Thankfully, she's smart enough to remind us that she needs food.

Grandma said...

Great job! You have a beautiful flower garden.
I'm glad you and Gracie can enjoy "the finer things in life".
I did the pansy "flower prints" with Mariah when she was 3. Of course I cheated and used a canvas bag.
The bag is still beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Amy said...

looks great! And i love the craft idea, thanks!!!