Monday, May 12, 2008

Look At My Rose

This would be the first full bloom of the first rose bush I got. Isn't it gorgeous!

I am so proud of my little patch of color. I know it is just a deck, but you would be amazed at how seeing all of that life and color everyday just boosts your mood. It definitely has made a difference to me.

I say if you really enjoy something, find the time and effort to do it.

Plus, the big bonus for me is; when we get a house I can take my roses with me and they will be apart of our past growing in the yard of our future. Okay, I just realized how cheesy that is--but I love it!!!


Candice said...

Very pretty Barbara! It's my favorite color. I am not good with flowers. They don't remind me to water them, and I kill them.

katie said...

That is a very beautiful rose. We are planning on taking away some of the bushes in our back yard & add some more flowering things. :)