Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No School For Gracie

Poor Gracie had to miss out on school today. This is the second "sick" day she has had this entire school year, which I guess isn't bad. They say it is the worst for germs and illness.

Gracie had severe allergy problems, and then they escalated into a cold. This is the third time she has gone through it this year. Now, she has the worst cough. Poor thing coughed so hard she puked last night.

Her cough was so bad this morning, and she was so miserable I couldn't send her to school. I debated last night, and decided to see how she was in the morning.

This is her last week of school, and I hated for her to miss out. They were making Father's Day gifts today too.

I called the preschool and left a message, hopefully I will get a call tomorrow. I asked if there was anything I could contribute to Thursday's pizza party and if Gracie could bring home the craft for Daddy's day. I also asked to bring my camera and capture the last day of school.

What an exciting and heavy day for mommy and daughter. I guess we are about to pass another milestone in her life. Ah, I hope this summer goes very slowly! :)


Candice said...

Gracie, I hope you feel better!

Grandma & Grandpa said...

Gracie, we sure hope you feel better soon. We Love you!