Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh The Blackmail Possibilities

I have so many more pictures and videos than this from our fun night with the Mozingo's!

Garren has been dying to have Tom come over and play. Tonight after we got home from errands, and a family day out in Winchester, we found them home and not busy (which is super rare--they are the Energizer bunny of families!).

I put out a few snacks, but the main attraction of course was the Wii. Only four people could play at a time (we will have to get another Wiimote), but everyone had the best time.

I think the funniest moment was when Mallory tried out the boxing game, and her parents were actually yelling out "hit 'em Mall!" "Cover your face!" "Jab 'em!" It took everything in me not to roll on the floor. Although, Tom and Guitar Hero had to have been a close second in memory making moments!

We love it any time they can come over. Maybe now Garren can have someone come over to play more often. :)

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