Monday, May 19, 2008


If there is one word that will drive me mad, it is "why."

Now I know this is a favorite of kids, and I have laughed at many a child who asked their parent "why," and then asked again and again answer after answer.

Needless to say, I am no loner laughing!

Gracie is in a "why" stage, but what makes it so annoying, frustrating, and insane is the fact she really doesn't want a real answer. Back when she was 2 she would also ask "why," but then she wanted to know how the world worked.

I can't explain this new stage, and what she hopes to accomplish. Maybe she thinks it is funny? Maybe she knows it drives me nuts and wants to push my buttons? Maybe she isn't paying attention and keeps repeating herself? Who knows! But, I have noticed that the "why's" are usually accompanied by some sort of limit or task. Like when I say "Gracie go brush your teeth," or "Gracie it is time for dinner."

Whatever the reason--it is driving me crazy! Garren is particularly annoyed as well, but remember folks, I am the one here all day.

I remember to keep my temper, but I am sure some annoyance comes across. In the meantime I will continue to pray for patience....and hope that this phase will pass!


Candice said...

So, this annoys you? Why? This too shall pass!

Grandma said...

Pardon me for laughing- hahahahaha Yes, I remember those days....a very inquisitive little girl saying the same thing to me. By the way, this stage is called "payback". Also, I learned a very long time ago: never pray for patience. Although, you can ask "why".