Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Luau At Home

Everything is finally unloaded, and found some place to rest. So, what can we do with all of these beachy decorations? Have a luau of course.

I told Gracie yesterday that we could have one. We made a grass skirt out of a paper grocery bag, and I pulled out all of her leis from Bible School. So, when she got up from her nap yummy tropical snacks were waiting, and so were blown up beach balls (also courtesy of Bible School).

Gracie and I spent hours at our beach party tossing the balls, and snacking. She has her surf board and played with it yesterday, but she didn't surf today. Did I mention they made life sized surf boards at Bible School! I have no idea where I am going to store that, but she is especially proud of her artwork on it, and she will even show you the moves she learned in Tennessee.

Gracie has been in a beach mood for many days now. She is looking forward to going with mommy and Grandma here in a few weeks. She has a new Ariel swimsuit, and today we found a matching Ariel towel during our grocery shopping at Walmart.

Mommy also got to catch up on her bargain hunting. We got 2 games, one of those child-sized puzzles, 14 books, and the prettiest dress for Gracie, a soft aquarium toy, a new pony and more minatures all at my favorite thrift store.


Pink Lemonade and Peonies said...

I am in a beach mood too. You are lucky you get to go in a few weeks--I have to wait a few months!

Tell your mommy to check out my new blog. This is her friend Katie!

Candice said...

I suppose it wasn't so bad that Elliott and I sent all of our Bible School goodies home with you all! It looks like they came in handy. You know we did leave the church talking about this luau Friday night.

Gracie, do you remember all the things Flame and Sam taught you about surfing? Hang Ten! Catch a Wave! Paddle, Paddle!!! Have fun surfing!