Monday, August 18, 2008

The Cake

As Candice pointed out to me this weekend, I still haven't put up pictures of the week we spent in Lynchburg and Brian's wedding. To be honest, I didn't think many of my readers would even know Brian or be interested in his wedding...but as Candice points out I did make a cake.

As you can see it is clearly not professional, but it was my first attempt at a wedding cake, and my first attempt using fondant. That show "Ace Of Cakes," makes it look so simple. It is NOT THAT EASY. Several attempts later, and a little lopsided--here is Brian and Dawn's wedding cake. I think I will let them order from a baker when they do their formal wedding next year.

You can see my other cakes here (if you haven't already).

Oh, and I will get started on uploading the pictures from that week and leave a link when I finish.


Candice said...

Well, it looks pretty good to me! I'm guilty of just dumping any cake into a 9x13 pan to get out of having to icing layers!!!

Jo Bellovich said...

BJ- Love your cakes, especially Barbie :) There's a lady in Lynchburg that does cakes and you might also get some ideas off her website. It's, and she has done about 10 cakes for my family in the past 3 years.