Monday, August 11, 2008

First Days Of School

We hope that all of our friends in Tennessee had a good first day of school or first day of a full week of school today.

Jaxon and Ethan started Kindergarten

Nyah had her first day in First Grade

and cousins Cody, Cory & Christian all went back to school as well.

Today was Candice and Elliott's first day with kids in their classroom. We hope everyone had a fun day, and that the parents didn't cry too much. :)

Emily will start Kindergarten in FL on August 18th

DJ, Ryan & Casey head back to class in IL on August 27th

Mariah, & Mallory will return to school on September 2nd, Gracie goes back on the 3rd.

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Candice said...

I met some very sweet and eager fourth graders today! We are going to have a great year together. I just have a good feeling about it. I was sad to see the kids I had last year to know that they won't be with me this year.