Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun With Numbers

3,370 children's books I have in my collection

2,890 days since Garren and I got married

1,637 days since Gracie was born

1, 520 Books we've read since I got my library card October 2004

$111.00 worth of clothes I got today for $10 at a thrift store bag sale

124 Dresses in Gracie's closet, 10 of which are store bought (from a real store not thrift)
You'd think I would be embarrassed, but I am proud!

50 stuffies in her stuffy basket, and 6 stuffies on her bed. (This doesn't count the 4 leaf and garden trash bags full downstairs! Enough stuffed animals grandma!!!!)

13 years until Gracie graduates high school

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Candice said...

You have too much time on your hands!!! I will be shipping you papers to grade really soon. Grade and return quickly please!!