Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look What I Found

I got another great find today at the thrift store!

I found a vintage 1977 game: Candyland Bingo. Gracie and I played it this afternoon.

I just love to find old toys, games, and puzzles...and of course dresses. We didn't find any dresses today--but I am grateful for stopping a second time to look on the shelves where they bundle toys like miniatures and McDonald toys.


Candice said...

Good find Gracie! Is that a Capri Sun Roaring Waters that I spy on your table? Did we get you hooked on those? They are good. They have just enough flavor to get me to drink "water." (They have to be a little better than the original Capri Suns because they have very little sugar).

Pink Lemonade and Peonies said...

I didn't have this game, but I remember playing it somewhere. :)