Friday, October 31, 2008

Snow White's Expedition

Gracie (also known as the princess Snow White) had a wonderful time tonight collecting candy from willing participants, on the arm of none other than, "Indian Jones." At least if you ask her that's what she would say Daddy was dressed up as.

Her day has been sugar filled, and she is loving every minute of it. She went from an adorable bee this morning to a shining princess this evening.

Daddy had the brilliant plan of going to Fox's for pizza before trick or treating, but after we waited 10 minutes without being waited on and saw the massive line of people waiting (and waiting) to pick up pizzas; we changed our strategy. So, we headed to McDonald's--where everyone else was!

After a quick lunch and a speedy stop in Family Dollar (to find a flashlight, and I also got her a flashing princess necklace that she LOVED) we went home to dress the princess.

We decided to go back to the same neighborhood as last year, and it was just as much fun; and just as much of a climb. I kind of lucked out though, I drove the car along every so many houses so we could avoid last year's potty incident (she gets to the very top, our car is at the very bottom and decides she has to go potty. I sprint down the hill and meet she and daddy half way and we barely make it to the Rite Aid at the bottom of the hill and get her out of her kitty costume! Whew!).

Gracie actually got so much candy that I had to dump her container once!

We allowed her to pick 3 small paces to eat when we got home. Then we gathered in the living room and watched "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," a fine Shipley tradition. We also gave Gracie our treat: the Sleeping Beauty DVD she has been wanting so badly. I think her eyelids collapsed somewhere around 10pm.

It was a fine family evening. We hope all of you had a Happy Halloween as well :)

I put all of the pictures together for you to see below. Enjoy!

Trick Or Treat!

Halloween Party Goers

Gracie and her classmates (and mommy too), had a wonderful time today at preschool celebrating the boo-tastic holiday.

I walked in to the classroom around 10:15 after telling the teachers this morning I would be glad to help. They seemed very gracious, and I was relieved that they needed me. I was also relieved that Mia's mom was there too--so I didn't look like the big mom loser!

Gracie gave me lots of hugs and showed me everything she was doing. The kids were in "center time" and they were taking turns making their letter sheets and playing and doing all sorts of things.

After clean up they got to "parade" upstairs to show the church secretary their costumes and get several pieces of candy. This was too cute, as several of the kids had removed costumes in the hot classroom, and now I got a chance to see them all decked out.

When they returned they cleaned up and got ready for a story. Mia's mom and I started getting plates and goodies ready.

The kids sat somewhat still to hear the story "Too Many Pumpkins," and then they were very ready for all of that sugar! They had cupcakes, Jello, chips, dip, cheese, carrots, pretzels, and two kinds of cookies...not to mention the pudding I brought in (which was a HUGE hit, thank you!).

The kids dove in to the sugar, and of course my daughter ate nearly every bite, at least until time ran out. Of course she got seconds on chips and dip. Ms. Stephanie chuckled at me as Gracie tried to cram the rest of her cupcake in her mouth when she announced time was up. I told her I DO feed her!

I helped put the goody bags (which were over flowing for each kid) in back packs, and I helped kids with their trash and hands and plates until time to go.

And when all of the kids were at the table ready to go home, the teachers had them thank me and Mia's mom for helping. It was so cute. And to top off my sugar-filled day, I was asked to ring the jingle bells for the "Goodbye Song." You should have seen Gracie beaming at me.

She was very happy to have me at school, and I was loving being a part of her special day at school.

I am in mommy heaven!

And, tonight is trick or treating. I was really hoping she would sleep, but no dice. I will let her up in a while. Oh, and I will be sure to post pictures when I can of tonight's fun. While she was a bee for today (and the trunk or treating), we compromised and she gets to be Snow White to go trick or treating. So, when you see her in a different costume--now you know why. And, I am so glad that it is warm out there today. I was so worried that she would freeze tonight!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cute Huh!

I stressed myself out today trying to get everything just right for tomorrow--you know me :) I planned two separate treats to take to Gracie's preschool party, and they took just a little more time...and patience than I had alloted.

I saw this cute idea on Martha Stewart Living last year where she made white chocolate ghost lollipops. Unfortunately, she is Martha Stewart--and I am mortal. Anyway, they didn't come out as perfect as I hoped--but they are chocolaty and full of sugar, so I think the kids won't care.

I also signed up to bring in pudding for the kids, but I couldn't just take in pudding cups. So, I picked out butterscotch that looked like a pudding color. I used a magic marker to make jack-o-lantern faces, then added pipe cleaner "vines" and a caramel candy for a stem. Too cute huh! Yhis one I actually thought up myself.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Last Pumpkin Of The Season

We kept our promise...tonight we made one last pumpkin to glow for Halloween.

After a rough "dispute" over how to carve the pumpkin (followed by a time out and tears), daddy and Gracie sat down at the kitchen table tonight to cut into the last pumpkin of the season.

We "settled" on a design of Count Von Count from Sesame Street (I say settle because Gracie wanted princesses and Tinker Bell and Daddy wanted Star Wars. Gracie through a fit, and I had to referee. After all the last 4 we did were chosen for her.)

Anyway, he came out super cute. And I love the final outcome. It is much too windy to put the jack-o-lantern outside, so I guess he may live in the house for the next 48 hours.

Needless to say Gracie is very excited about Halloween, and she is super wound up and super tired. Great combination huh?!

We hope all of you are getting ready for this fun holiday. I will definitely post tons of pictures over the next few days, so keep checking back in with us.

A Blustery Day

Where on earth did that wind come from?! I thought Gracie and I were going to be blown away as I walked the short distance from the car to the front door of her preschool this morning. That wind was not only extremely powerful, it was icy as well.

Gracie seemed to have a good day today. She and her class worked on making treat bags for Friday's Halloween party. They also practiced more "F's" and sang their adorable pumpkin song. I even got an encore of the song in the car ride home.

She didn't mention much else, I doubt she could remember her day since she and the rest of the class are so excited about Friday's festivities.

I plan to volunteer to help at the party--but I won't push. And, I will take my camera, but will be sure to ask permission before I snap a single shot.

Today's snack was goldfish cracker and grape juice.

**Above: Gracie poses with her new Spookly The Square pumpkin stuffy that daddy brought her with the video from Tennessee. **

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phantom Calls

If you should get an unusual phone call in the near future and my cell phone number pops up on the caller ID--don't be alarmed, it's just Gracie.

The ironic thing is Gracie used to freak out if you handed her the phone or tried to get her to talk into the receiver. She has been that way since she was a baby, but now--watch out--your ears will burn up!

While her favorite person to call is Grandma, she is now expanding her list. She will call Daddy on occasion, and last night she asked if she could call Candice.

Her conversations used to be long and drawn out, and poor mom was stuck on the phone listening to her ramble for at least a half hour at a time. But now, she will call to say hi, tell you what she is doing, add some sort of random tidbit, and before you can ask her a question she says "bye!" and slams the cell phone shut.

While I am sure this seems very rude, it is hilarious. When she finished with her conversation she is finished! And, she doesn't mean to be rude, she just thinks that's how you finish a conversation (way to go Daddy! :)

And, she is getting more independent about these calls. She knows Grandma is number 2 and Daddy is number 3 on my speed dial--so I have found her on the phone without even realizing she has called anyone.

So--my apologies if you get a random call. It is just my daughter who wants to chat for a bit.

I captured one of her shorter conversations with Grandma the other day (we had just made Halloween cookies), and while I plan to respect her privacy when she is a teen...this is pretty cute and innocent and I wanted to share.

Countdown To Tennessee 2008

Halloween isn't even here yet, and Gracie is already excited about going to Tennessee next month. She mentioned going yesterday while we were in the car headed to the post office, and I told her maybe we could make a countdown calendar.

Well, we ran out of time yesterday, but this afternoon Gracie and I constructed a countdown turkey.

So, each night she will get to pull off a feather and that will tell her how many days until we go to Tennessee (or as she puts it"...almost to Candice's!")

We aren't really "almost" there, we have 28 days at this point, but I am sure giving her something to look forward to will help the waiting process. Plus, she is looking forward to seeing Mamaw & Papaw too--she just gets excited about seeing Candice & Elliott & Lucie.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Daddy's Home

Well Daddy is home, and he brought tons of great goodies for Gracie to love.

Many thanks to Mamaw & Papaw who sent a genuine University of Tennessee cheerleaders uniform. She loves it and has already tried it on and found her UT pom-poms to complete the outfit.

Daddy found her a video and plush gift set of Spookly the Square Pumpkin. Which she also loves and we have watched the video tonight.

Papaw Charles sent Gracie some stuffed animals that he acquired at a yard sale, and she has named and cuddled them.

Candice sent many, many school books and the cutest water baby dressed like Eyore.

So, she didn't even get to Tennessee and she is already thoroughly spoiled. I can only imagine what will happen when we go down next month.

Monday At School

Gracie had a good day at school today. Ms. Stephanie was back and despite the very cold temperatures outside, everyone seemed to be in good health inside the classroom. (Usually I can see runny noses and hear lots of sneezing and scratchy throats.)

Anyway, Gracie said they made "sculptures" today out of yarn and glue. I am sure hers is a masterpiece.

Besides the craft they sang this adorable song about a pumpkin. She tried to sing it to me on the way home from school, but she seemed to forget most of the words. Still too cute though.

They also worked on the letter "F", which they will be doing the rest of the week. That means "G" is next week--and what goes "G" stand for? Gracie of course! And, that's why we will be taking in a special snack next week.

Speaking of snack, today's was plain crackers and orange juice. Which, I must admit sounded odd since I saw Madelyn's mom bring in a HUGE container of cheese balls this morning. I guess they are saving those for later.

So, another great day of school.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Loving To Dress Up

While Gracie makes the sweetest bee...I looked back and found many other adorable characters my daughter made come to life.

Wanna see?

My Little Bee

Gracie was too adorable as a little bumble bee tonight, as we headed to the Mozingo's church for a Trunk Or Treat event.

On her feet are her new tap shoes. We can thank Ms. Ruth from our church for that. She found them at the church yard sale and told me Gracie just had to have them. I am pretty sure they need to go to Grandma's--don't you :)

The event was full of fun and games and plenty of cute kids. Gracie liked the games, but after we got to the head of the line to bounce in the Ronald McDonald bouncy things--she suddenly realized how big it was and how small she was. So, she chickened out.

The theme of the event was a laboratory. Everything had a science feel to it. And Mr. Tom was the scientist. We got to sit through a demonstration of his genius as he did an experiment for all of the kids watching.

As for the candy, we already have a huge start on next week's fun. There were 10 or so trunks dividing candy among the parade of cuties. Mallory and her friend manned their car well. Mal wore her costume from her Happy Valley High Play and decorated the trunk in a 50's motif.

All in all, it was a fun night and my tired little bee is down for the count.

Gracie In The Paper

Gracie's newest photo op!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

Maybe it is because Garren is out of town and I am having to parent literally alone, or maybe it is the extra silence; but I am starting to see a lot more of my precious daughter that isn't shall we say so "perfect."

For starters, I am not sure she ever stops talking. I mean seriously she goes on and on and on and on endlessly about everything and anything and nothing at all. Usually, I laugh to myself about her rantings and smile and think long and hard and wonder if she gets it from me. But, without the extra noise and distraction that Garren makes, suddenly her endless (and I do mean endless) talking is starting to make me cringe. I am not sure when she breathes, I am not sure if she breathes. Will she ever run out of topics...who talks this much. I mean she is 4, how much can a four year old have to talk about?! :)

And then, as I sit down to eat with her (and listen to endless conversation), I realize that waiting for her to finish her food is like watching paint dry. It wasn't that long ago that my very healthy eater inhaled her food and then asked for more and was still down from the table before her father and I. The past few days, I have eaten, cleaned up my dishes, cleared the table, and started loading the dishwasher all before her plate is even half way done. I started thinking back and realized this has been going on for a while. It isn't that she isn't hungry or doesn't want to eat, she just takes forever! Last night I had to finally take her food away an hour after we sat down at the table. I know that seems drastic, but I had told her for over a half hour to eat so we could get her ready for bed. While a great deal of her problem is that she can't stop talking long enough to put food in her mouth, I have to wonder what else is she up to. She is great at stalling--so it could be postponing bedtime, or it could be to get extra attention. Whatever it is--it too is giving me even more gray hairs.

And, finally I am noticing that having Garren around isn't all that bad ;) While I do most of the parenting, and household chores, I didn't realize how much the breaks helped my sanity. For instance, he usually gives her a shower in the evenings. By the end of the day I am usually a frayed woman, and I need to be off duty for at least one thing. Last night she complained because I didn't do it "like daddy." Plus, there are those few moments before he goes to work or when he comes home that in a pinch I can walk away and know she will not fall apart. Without him here at all, and her home sick I am "mommy-on-demand" literally 24 hours a day.

Usually I go on and on in this blog about how Gracie is the light of my life--and she is. But hey I am human too, and she is four and there are days I am not sure if we will survive each other.

Pumpkin Day

It was a fun pumpkin ooey-gooey mess at preschool today for Gracie and her friends.

Gracie told me they got to play with pumpkin play dough. I am sure that was tons of fun, especially since she came home with it dried on her hands.

Today's snack was cheese balls and orange drink. The story was about shaking Halloween bones. Apparently it was funny because she giggled as she told me about it.

I am so glad she was well enough to go to school today. I kept her out Wednesday with a fever and a fierce cold. She still has a cough, but she is much better.

Oh, and the picture above was her craft from Monday. They made pumpkin prints. I think she did a beautiful pumpkin patch--don't you ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh Baby!

Thank you to so many of you with well wishes and wonderful words of encouragement. Gracie is going to be an amazing big sister and we feel very blessed that we are getting to add on to our wonderful family.

You can keep track of our newest addition on my other blog:

At some point I plan to end this blog and that one, and create something that will combine all of us as one big happy family. Of course both of these blogs will stay archived so you can look back and see how Gracie has grown.

And speaking of babies...

Many congratulations to two of my friends who gave birth this month.

Amy had her fifth child--this time a girl! Welcome Carrington Lynn Schwartz born October 17th who I might add is already a Hokie fan.

And, my former co-worker Erica had another boy making Ethan a big brother. Welcome Luke who was born on October 6th.

And there are more to come!

My friend Connie is due with her little girl any day now (although officially Nov 4) making Bryson a soon-to-be big brother.

Plus, my friend from college Katie and her husband Matt will welcome their first in April.

Whew--that's a lot of diapers :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

What Gracie Wants To Be

Gracie will go for a trifecta of personalities this Halloween as she (and I) have narrowed it down to three...

She gets to be a:

Click HERE to find out her secret third costume. Com'on you know you are dying to know! :)

"D" Day

Gracie and her bundled up classmates worked on the letter D today.

Gracie also brought home a scarecrow from last week, and several coloring pages...oh and some balled up tissues. I am pretty sure the cold weather, or the sleepless weekend has left her with a cold.

Today's snack was goldfish and orange drink. And they made pumpkin prints. I am not exactly sure how they were done, but paint was involved. I saw them drying and they looked pretty cute.

Another fun day at school.

This week is full of fall activities, and then of course next Friday is the Halloween party complete with the kids in their Halloween costumes.

Good Morning Fall

Gracie and I got to watch the best show this morning as we got her dressed and ready for preschool.

I looked up and out our glass deck doors to see this floating colorful hot air balloon sailing smoothly across the changing treat tops.

I don't let Gracie watch TV in the mornings as it distracts her even more and it takes forever to get her out the door, but this morning, Gracie and I marveled at the picture outside.

When I opened the door to snap the picture, I realized just how cold it was out there. Late fall has set in and I decided to pull out that beautiful dress coat I found (at a thrift store for $5!! What a steal!!).

I am glad I did, because by the time we reached the parking lot I noticed I would have to scrape two layers of heavy frost off my car.

But, Gracie is warm inside her classroom and I am warm in the house. Have I mentioned I love this time of year?! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gracie Cheers!

Gracie (and mommy & daddy) had a great time tonight at our first local high school football game.

Can you believe we have lived here for 5 years, and this is the first time we have gone to the only high school's game?!

We had a blast, and Gracie loved every minute. I splurged for $1 pom-poms (I told you mom!), and then of course she had popcorn too.

I can't remember the last time Garren and I enjoyed ourselves so much either. And, despite the late hour we couldn't resist going to the local pizza parlor for a late night snack.

By the time we got home and got Gracie in bed it was 11:00!

This is definitely going down as one of my favorite family moments together.

The above video just happened when Strasburg got one of it's two touchdowns. You can see how much fun she is having! They may have lost the game, but we had a winning family night! :)


There were more spiders in today's Preschool class!

Today they did more work with the letter "C" and they did the rhyme "Little Miss Muffet." They got to color a spider, and work on tracing lines on a coloring sheet of Miss Muffet.

Snack today was cheese balls and orange drink that Gracie refers to as "carrot drink."

The story today was Little Critter's Halloween.

Oh, and we also signed up for goodies for the Halloween Party. Hard to believe that is just around the corner!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playdate With Emma

Gracie and Emma had a great time playing together at the mall this afternoon.

The original plan was to take Emma to the apple orchard, but when the raindrops started to fall we changed our plans.

The girls played in the soft play area at the mall for quite a while, and then they took a ride on the carousel and later on the other coin operated rides at the other end of the mall.

We took in a few shops, and then let them ride the carousel again.

Hopefully we can plan again for the apple orchard, I know Emma would love it as much as Gracie does.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making C's

...but in a good way!

Gracie's class concentrated on making the letter "C" today, and on spiders.

Apparently as a class they made a giant spider web with string. Gracie told me you pass the string to the person you call out. She told me she called out "Mia."

They also made an intricate web out of yarn and a paper plate as well. That along with her practice writing page came home today.

Snack was orange drink and pretzel sticks.

That was about all of the information I got today. We have grocery shopping to do, so I think she is a little preoccupied.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Gracie's First Field Trip

I am not sure who was more excited this morning...Gracie or me!

Don't faint, but I actually put Gracie in pants for her morning at the pumpkin patch. I didn't hear anyone say anything, but I know they were thinking it :) As you know, I love to put Gracie in dresses, and so far she hasn't worn the same dress twice this or last year in preschool.

But, I digress...

The morning was very cool, but all of the kids had so much energy I don't think any of them shivered once!

We started off with a hay ride. The farmer in charge drove the whole class via the gigantic "wagon" hitched to a tractor around his massive farm.

We stopped off at an area where the cutest little pumpkins were growing on the vine. He let us all off and allowed each child to pick their own pumpkin as well as a Red Delicious apple.

Gracie and I went off in search of the perfect pumpkin, which she finally found after much looking around. With the pumpkin in hand, we walked more until we settled on an adorable baby apple. We looked for bigger ones, but that was all that was left. Of course these were the perfect size for four year olds.

We got back on the wagon and drove some more where we joined by a "cowboy" dressed to a "t" and his horse "Beau." Actually being from rural Virginia it was probably "Bo." Anyhow the girls all went ga-ga over the horse and the cowboy (whose name I can't remember) talked to the kids about the farm and apples and even gave them a little quiz.

After his talk we rolled on again and headed back to where we started. Now the kids got to roam around the farm and look at the animals.

The baby cows were the cutest, but there were also baby lambs, and a mommy cow who we were told was due in a few weeks.

After looking in on all the animals the kids headed back to the tent for some apple cider. The kids finished up and then were allowed to run around the hay maze and play in the other "play areas" until time to go home.

Gracie and her classmates had a wonderful time, and I loved every minute sharing this experience with her. All but one child had a parent go with them on the trip and I could tell they were all feeling the same thing.

I took 90 pictures and picked 50 of the best. You can take a peek at them here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Excitement In Lynchburg

The past few days at Grandma's have been filled with too much excitement, too much sugar, and plenty of spoiling.

But, today we add more icing on the cake. Gracie has been waiting and waiting for today. She gets to go to the Pumpkin Patch, and see her new "cus-ints."

Brian and Dawn brought their equally excited brood, including Mariah, to Lynchburg for a day of fun with Grandma and Gracie.

The kids had a great time running around the backyard when they arrived, and Gracie instantly warmed up to all of them. I am somewhat surprised as it takes a while for Gracie--but apparently she had already decided she adored them before they got there.

They played for a about a half hour and then we loaded up (in two cars!) and headed to the pumpkin patch.

The past few days had been sunny and warm, but I was not prepared for how warm it would be this afternoon! The poor kids had a great time, but after less than an hour everyone was red and hot.

We actually left just after an hour because of the heat--and a ton of rowdy and rough kids that plagued the play area. None of the kids seemed to mind since they had played on all of the bouncy things and has painted their own pumpkins.

Next was lunch. Grandma treated her grandchildren to a Chinese buffet. Let me say that while I adore my new niece and nephews, I was never more thankful to have one child at home :) They were well behaved, but I can't imagine how Dawn (and especially my brother) keep up with so many! And, I am not sure those kids even tasted their food--it was gone in seconds. Luckily we adults were able to take our time and I was able to eat more than a few bites.

After lunch the kids (all 6) had a blast playing more at Grandma's house. Thankfully mom's backyard is full of trees and has plenty of shade and the kids stayed cool. Actually I joked to mom that the neighbors were going to think she started an after school program. The kids pulled out bikes and roller blades, scooters, the basketball goal and much more and were having the time of their lives.

I think Gracie was the most upset when it came time to say goodbye. Actually, she was the only one young enough to be able to break down and cry. I have promised her that we will get to see them all again soon.

What a connection they all made. They were wonderful to her and instantly took her in. They held her hand and helped her, and she gave them hugs and just adored every minute.

I have put some precious pictures of their day on Picasa. You can click here to see them. Other pictures from the visit to Grandma's have been included in my Photo Blog.

Oh, and in case you are keeping track: Gracie's "cousints" above are Top Row: Matthew (age 7), Mark (age 9). Bottom Row: Issac "Ike" (age 13), Mariah (age 10), and SueAnna (age 11).

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gracie's School Day

While most of her mind is occupied today with the prospect of going to grandma's...Gracie has made some excitement room for her day at school.

I have to laugh, because before I made it all the way in the door to pick her up from school today, Ms. Stephanie had to tell me just how excited Gracie was that she was getting to go to Grandma's. Apparently she told both of her teachers and any child that would listen.

I didn't hear much about school today because she is a little wound up. But, they did get to practice their B's, and she showed me her coloring pages as well. She can't wait to show Grandma and Grandpa as well.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Fall Day

I love this picture. It is so cool outside and this beautiful sugar maple tree in front of the newspaper publisher's house makes a great backdrop. Gotta love the dress too! Another consignment store find.

Today at school Gracie's class was visited by a fireman. Gracie said she wore his coat and helmet and talked about what he does. Ms. Stephanie said she wouldn't go near him, but she listened intently.

Snack today was sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. It was Meadow's birthday today.

They made a scarecrow for craft time which will be the classroom decoration.

I asked about the letter "B." They were supposed to work on that letter today and for the rest of the week. Gracie said the teachers wrote the letter, but they didn't get to. I told her I am sure she will get to on Wednesday maybe. I hope she won't miss out on the chance to show her "B" if they do it Friday--as we are letting her miss a day of school to spend several days at Grandma's.

We try hard to get to Lynchburg once a month since Gracie adores them and really has a hard time with the distance and time away from them. This Friday was listed as a half day for the county school kids, and since the preschool follows the same schedule I figured they wouldn't have class (there are 2 classes on Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays, morning & afternoon). I found out last month they stay since the teachers have kids in school and they aren't going anywhere. Oh well, I don't think one day a month is a big deal--plus with Kindergarten next year we won't be able to do this.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another Fun Day At The Orchard

We returned to Marker Miller Orchards today for another fun family afternoon. Thankfully the cow train was there again this weekend, and Gracie got a chance to go around two more times. We also got some more apples, Gracie took Lambie to play on the playground, and we brought back some tasty desserts to share with the neighbors!

Enjoy the pictures--they came out pretty cute!

Oh, and I made my first Apple Cake. I found a super simple recipe and it was yummy. :) Let me know if you want the recipe.

Pumpkin Article

Our pumpkins looked perfect on the cover of the Valley Scene section of the paper this morning. I thought I would share the finished product. Click the images to make larger.

Friday, October 03, 2008

In Case Of Emergency...

...dial 9-1-1.

Gracie and her preschool class learned about the important emergency number, and talked more about fire safety. They even went so far as to have a fire drill.

Gracie told me the whole class went outside and waited when the bell rang. I was slightly concerned that my sensitive preschooler would have issues after this class, but so far, no problems. Those of you who know Gracie best, know she is a worrier and can over think things...wonder where she gets that from! ;) But, we have talked about fire safety this week at home, and most of the time talking things out seems to help her cope.

Snack today was cupcakes and chips and dip--Gracie was in heaven! It was Kendall's birthday and his family shared. Gracie of course at every bite and told me "we could have more dip, but not more cupcake or chips." She makes me laugh!

She had a good day and Ms. Christine says she played beauty parlor and gave her purple hair. I told her I loved it, and the color looked good on her. Gracie was tickled by this, and told me she gave several pretend do's to classmates and Ms. Stephanie as well. Who knows maybe her destiny is to do hair in Hollywood.

Next week Gracie and her class start their letters. "B" is up first as they save the vowels for last. Since Gracie knows her letters, their sounds, and how to write them, I am so relieved to know she will be prepared and even ahead. Despite her abilities we plan to work hard on the letters at home each week. After all, practice makes perfect!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Its Completely Fall Out There!

Gracie and I spent a lovely hour outside today at the playground. While the sun was warm and it was cool outside, I wasn't prepared for just how cool it would be.

I started to notice the very chilly wind about five minutes in to our play time and it occured to me that my daughter was not dressed for the season.

Thankfully I had a trunk full of outgrown clothes ready for storage at Grandma's house when we go next week. I found a 3T sweater lurking inside one of the many bags. Clearly it was tight on her, but it kept her arms warm.

I let her play until 2:45 and we headed home, but what a wonderful day out there. I love fall, and I am so glad it is finally here!! We have been tricked over the past few weeks with almost hot weather and then then the warm rains. I hope it sticks this time around, we have so much planned!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fire Safety

Today, as well as the next few preschool classes, was devoted to Fire Safety. Gracie told me they colored firemen for their window decoration. This week they will do more, and apparently on Friday they will have an actual fire drill and talk about dialing 9-1-1. I plan to talk more about this with her, because I know my Gracie, and she will likely worry more about the much needed lesson in safety.

Snack today was crackers and grape juice. Ms. Stephanie wasn't in today so they got Ms. Julie to play with again today. Gracie didn't know why she wasn't there--I figured she must have not felt well.

Gracie told me she played with several friends today: Maddie, Madelyn, Mia & Morgan. I found this funny since it was "Gracie and The M&M's." She laughed, but didn't get it I don't think.

That wraps up the info I got on today.

But, I forgot to mention that he first field trip is coming up on October 13th! I am so excited to go with her and the class to Hill High Pumpkin Patch. I have a feeling that every parent will be going, and I was one of the first to sign up. Of course I will photograph the heck out of the whole event and share.