Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Finally Out!

The nasty loose tooth that Gracie has been fiddling with for weeks was making me so naseaus, and I couldn't be more thrilled that it is gone!

Actually, I am still stunned that it hung in there as long as it did. But, yesterday I couldn't stand it anymore and I prompted Gracie to keep wiggling. She got tissues and wiggled and wiggled and I was sure that thing would be gone by day's end. But, no, like Ahab's whale it taunted me. Yeah, me! If you have ever had a child with a loose tooth you will know how worrisome and GROSS it is. You keep waiting for them to choke on it, or loose it in food (in which case I would have lost my food), and in the meantime it makes this awful sound as they move it back and forth. (Okay, now I am making myself sick again!)

We finally popped that sucker out this afternoon before her nap. I have to admit I helped a little and gave it the final yank (but I thought it was laying there and I didn't want her to swallow it, apparently it was hanging on by a thread.)

This time there was plenty of blood. We were both spared from that last time.

This makes missing tooth #2, but as you can see in the picture, you can't tell it! The last tooth she lost was thanks to a very grown in one that literally popped the baby tooth out. So, now, she only has one gap. Behind that gap though is the top of another one. She is getting them as fast as she is losing them.

So, the Tooth Fairy will make another appearance tonight and she will find a welcome sign and the tooth in a frilly pillow, both of which mommy made.

And to the Tooth Fairy and that nasty tooth #2, I say "Good Riddance!" This is one time I won't cry over a milestone :)

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Candice said...

Well, Gracie, I'm glad you'll be visited by the fairy again. However, I cannot bring myself to enlarge this picture. I see way too many teeth being wiggled everyday of my life. I can't handle it.