Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Teaching Money

..should be simple for our daughter, who could shop until she drops; but it is frustratingly hard. Like bang your head on the wall hard!

She can't seem to grasp either the concept of how much each coin is, or what the names of the coins are. I am not sure how I have failed in this, but I am determined to teach her before she gets to Kindergarten.

We have practiced with worksheets, and she seemed to get them right, but when I took the lesson and added real coins and a "store" I set up in the playroom, the wheels came off.

While she really enjoyed "buying" the toys for Thomas, she would get stumped each time. Garren pointed out that she was too young for this concept, but it is in the Kindergarten curriculum.

I did manage not to burn her out on the idea of learning money, and she is excited to play "store" again, so that is a good sign.

Maybe we should have her pay the bills, talk about a lesson in money, huh?! But then that might make her never want to learn about money again. :)


Amy said...

it is in the k curiculum, but as an intro. mason bought things at a mock store with pennies up to 10 cents.... besides, there will be plenty of kids there who have never even seen money (trust me) she will be far ahead....

Sara said...

If it is in the curriculum doesn't that mean they'll learn it in kindergarten (versus she needs to know it before she goes)? I know you want her to be prepared, but you also don't want her to be bored in class.