Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Froggy Prince Celebrates

I have to say today has to be on the list of one of my favorite celebrations ever!

Our home has never been so full of friends and family and so much love and laughter. What a wonderful celebration we had for our beautiful baby boy.

I went with a "frog prince" themed party, since many of you know he became my frog prince soon after bringing him home. It was something about the way his hands turned in when I would pick him up, and later how he stuck his tongue out all the time. He was so much like a little frog. And since we already had a princess, we needed a prince to go along with her.

The afternoon didn't start off well as he only managed a 45 minute nap. I knew that wouldn't work, so I let him cry it out until he went back to sleep for a more decent amount of time.

After an hour he was up and I had him in the tub. He was soon squeaky clean and dressed in his best frog outfit. I tossed around dressing up as usual, and then I thought about cake and him crawling around for presents, and decided to put him in the frog romper I had found. I put a pair of jeans over top and he looked cute as can be.

Our usually VERY outgoing little man became very shy and clingy as the guests started to arrive. But, after some snacks and contraband chips from Gracie, he definitely perked up.

Our guests enjoyed frog and swamp themed snacks while the little prince got used to everyone, and then we let him tear in to the gifts. After he managed to get the first gift open (with a little help from sister) he was done. We actually had to hide the first gift that he loved so much so he would pay attention to the others. This was quite hilarious, and Gracie of course got to help distract him and start the paper on the others.

After we had a pile of paper and several unhappy volunteers who were attempting to get said gifts out of the packaging we got ready for cake.

Learning from my first baby, I stripped Thomas down to his onsie and put him in his seat. We sang and he got the biggest kick out of that! Mommy helped him blow out his candle and he proceeded to pick at his cake.

He loved the taste, but was kind of a killjoy as he barely touched it to get pieces. My Gracie did all but go head first in to the sugar.

Thomas ate up the cake...and the attention before getting a sink bath and thanking his many doting guests.

We thank those of you who were here so much. What a special day you made for us and our little one year old. He may not remember today--but I ALWAYS will.

There are so many good pictures that I decided to put them in a slideshow album. Enjoy, and thank you to so many who sent us wonderful birthday wishes for Thomas.

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