Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Look At Her Go!

If the kids ever find their way back to school--Gracie will be finished with her sight word list. Yep, 13 sets of words, and she knows them all.

The last two sets were by far the hardest to get down pat, but she knows them well and I am sure she will receive her last two stickers.

I hate to brag (ha!), but we couldn't be more proud of our start student. And, as if my cheeks weren't burning enough from the smiles...my Gracie read a book tonight for bed time!

It was time for story and she brought in a book and declared "mommy, I can read the first sentence of this book." Very excited for her listened as she read the sentence. I looked at the book--it was word for word. So, we kept going. Page after page she read on and on. By the time she finished the book (30+ pages), I was holding back the tears of joy and realizing I had only helped her with maybe 10 words in the whole book.

Tonight, our fabulous five year old read "Morris The Moose."

Gracie was already getting the hang of reading even before Kindergarten, but those sight words have made the biggest difference.

Tomorrow, my goal is to record a video of a few pages so you can all be just as proud as I am.

Congratulations Gracie, you read your first book!!

1 comment:

Grandma said...

Way to go Gracie!!
I loved you reading to me while you were here at Grandma's house :)
I can hardly wait to hear you read to me again. Please let Mama video you reading, so we can have story time together again (through the computer). I really miss you!! Hopefully you can stay longer next time you are out of school ;)
Keep up the great reading!
I love you! xoxoxoxo