Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Milk Monster

We've Got Milk!

Technically Thomas isn't a year old yet, but last Monday I decided to give him a little taste of "big boy milk." Let's say he is a fan! In fact, he seems to prefer the whole milk.

Thomas drank quite a few bottles and sippy cups full of milk this past weekend at Grandma & Grandpa's and it seems that his little body is doing just fine with it.

For now, I am trying to give him whole milk during the day, and leaving formula for before naps and bedtime. Switching between the two seems to be doing okay as well.

So, once we get the final "okay" from his pediatrician, we will make the switch--and save a TON of money.

Being a second time mom, I have found that kids can handle quite a bit. With Gracie I made myself a nervous wreck over everything--this time I just relax (a little any way), and try things.

Milk was a hit, and now so is juice. I gave him a watered down ounce or so of Gerber apple juice tonight and he loved that as well. I think he is going to really like all of the new things being a one year old can offer.

And, no we haven't been in for his one year check up yet--but like I said, things are easier this go round, and I know my baby well enough to know that a little milk...and a little juice won't hurt him!

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