Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Molar Woes

Did you know you could be miserable, and still look adorable?! I don't know how he pulls it off--but he can.

Tooth #12 popped through his sore and swollen gums today, also known as molar #4. Tooth #11 (AKA molar #3) came through yesterday.

Poor little guy is so miserable. His sleeping habits are back to the way they were and he is up several times a night. He doesn't want milk, just to be comforted. I hate to keep giving him Tylenol, but I practically have him on a "drip," and I am sure to give it to him as often as I can, and as often as he seems to need it.

Garren asked this morning when I saw #12 had finally reached the surface "so, he's done now right?"

Silly daddy!

Not only does he have plenty more teeth to grow, these molars are only starting their torture. They have broken the surface, but the gums are still swollen and painful and will remain that way until they push all the way through. His bottom left molar looks the worst. You can see tooth protruding from the top, and through BOTH sides of the gum. It looks awful, and I plan to keep a close watch on it. I have never seen a tooth grow this way. It is kind of like you were trying to wrap a toy in a box that wouldn't fit so eventually it just burst through the sides and top, but there is still wrapping paper covering the edges. If I can I may try to get a picture of it so maybe I can get some "expert" advice on it.

In the meantime, I was able to snap this adorable picture of him yesterday afternoon before we ran a quick errand in town. This was Gracie's old Pooh "suit." I have a Tigger one too. I can remember buying them with mom when I was pregnant with Gracie (not knowing her gender at that time) and finding tons of baby clothes on clearance at K-Mart. My how time flies!

Oh and Gracie thought he was too adorable too. His juice looks like honey, so she decided it was his honey pot. Of course then she wanted her own "honey" as well.

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