Friday, March 19, 2010

Mommy's Beach Baby Returns

The Hawiian shirts are back out!

My little man looks so good in his "beach wear" and I am so glad that I have some in his size for this summer.

In fact, I was pulling out the 18 month clothes I have stored at mom's and found so many wonderful summer prints!!

I get so many comments about how adorable he is in his wild shirts and sandals.

Of course I get many comments about how cute he is in general. But, there is something about his personality, blue eyes and blonde hair that just pop when he is decked out like a Beach Boy.

Of course the fact that I am a Beach Boys fan helps.

I think he looks most like Mike Love. Don't you?!

Now, maybe he can learn to sing like them--that would be cool. He could take some lessons from Uncle George!

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