Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Playdate For Thomas

How thrilled was I that Amy and Carrington were in Lynchburg the same time we were this weekend!!

Amy's little girl Carrington is 17 months, and too cute! She was the baby that Gracie got to hold at her Big Sister Party just before Thomas was born.

Amy hadn't gotten a chance to meet my Thomas, and I was thrilled to get to see just how big that little girl had gotten.

Those two were so cute playing together at the Halpin's house this afternoon. Carrington was fascinated by Thomas, and by Gracie. Apparently she loves big girls. As for Thomas, she decided he could be like her baby doll. She wanted to much to put the bottle and his binky in his mouth. Thomas wasn't quite as willing to play along with the game. But, they were simply precious to watch as they sized each other up and interacted.

This is the first time Thomas has been around someone his own size. His last play date (and his first) was with the infant Elliott, and he was embarrassingly rough with him! This time the two toddlers just kind of chased each other and giggled.

It was such a wonderful afternoon and I am so glad that we got a chance to share our children, and our time & conversation (in between keeping those two in check! :). I hope we can do it again soon!!


Amy said...

those are all so cute! sorry my baby was such a beast to your sweet boy... she was in rare form yesterday...

Shannon C. M. said...

So sweet!!

Aunt Ruth said...

You're right! Cavity-forming, but you've got to just love it! These are just too cute!