Friday, March 19, 2010

Sleep Drama, Day 5

We seem to be in a rut. Things are still going well, but we are also still up twice a night, almost like clockwork. I was hoping the water-only wake up around 4/5 am would cease. No such luck. But, I still can't complain, we are down to two middle of the night alarms.

8:00 am: attempt to put a very tired and very upset baby to bed all while getting Gracie in the shower. It was a late night with cheer leading, and then Thomas was most upset about having to leave Aunt Ruth's house. He screamed the whole way home. He wanted to stay and play with Curry (their dog). He fusses on and off until around 8:45pm.

12:00 midnight: Up and crying. I go ahead and give him his one bottle for the night. He goes down well and is back asleep before I have him covered up.

4:00 am: up and crying. I wait a few minutes to see if he will try and put himself back to sleep. No such luck. He keeps reaching for me, so I hold him for a minute by his crib. I find his binki, and Chewy. I offer him the water but he smacks it away. I put him back down and cover him up. He cries for a few minutes and is back asleep. Thankfully so am I!

6:45 am: Up for the day. He has been waking up earlier and earlier as we progress. Not sure I am liking that trend!

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