Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three More Cheers For Gracie

Mommy still remains "not a fan" of cheer leading class, while Gracie remains ecstatic about it.

I have nothing against cheer leading, in fact I was an adorable cheerleader myself in 5th grade. I just don't like how the class is being taught or structured.

I won't bore you with my many complaints on the class, including that I firmly believe if you teach a class, you should be able to do that which you are teaching!

Instead, I will let you watch Gracie do her first real cheer! Last week they showed them some movements. This week they showed them the whole thing. Gracie was in the back this time since we were a few minutes behind, but I zoomed in so you can see her--and the beaming pride that is on her face!

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