Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Visit With The Bunny

This is the second precious picture I have of my two little darlings and the furry bunny. Of course this bunny was waiting for adorable tots in Lynchburg, while last year's bunny was holding my newborn and new big sister in Strasburg.

Gracie quickly returned to her fearful personality when we approached the surprisingly short line at the mall.

She was excited about riding the train, but not so thrilled with the 6 foot tall rabbit.

She knew it was someone dressed up and not the "real" Easter Bunny, but that argument didn't sway her. She finally begrudgingly agreed to stand beside the bunny while he held Thomas.

Thomas' reaction was completely the opposite of his sisters (which is usual). He loved the soft bunny and had no desire to get down.

After I paid the extortion fee, I got my children and they were rewarded with another ride on the train with Grandma.

I am rather pleased with the photo that I got.

So how much does a moment with the stuffed bunny run you these days? $20!!

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