Friday, April 23, 2010

A Moment From My Crazy Life

God has a sense of humor--I am convinced of it!

While I am still on my high of a full nights sleep for my precious baby boy, I will chuckle and show you what he is like whether he has slept or not!!

This is just a few moments of my typical day with Thomas. I have my hands full! I have told so many that this little boy has opened up a whole new adventure for me.

I pulled out the camera to take a video of him anyway, I have so few since I spend most of my time chasing him. It was then that he grabbed the remote. And, I thought, what a better video than a clip of my daily battle with that onry little stinker.

He of course is not allowed to have the remote. And while the audio is awful on it, watch his little face and see how he knows what he is doing and is proud of it. He manages to not only get the remote, but turn it to the soaps (like I need more drama!) and get the menu to some how come on.

Well...just watch!

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