Sunday, April 18, 2010

Richmond Fun

Before we got down to business and toured outlying communities, we surprised Gracie with a lot of fun!

I can not adequately describe her face when she found out we were taking her to Kings Dominion.

We arrived a little before noon and it was a great day to be inside the amusement park! The weather was perfect: we had the warm sun and the cool breeze the whole day.

If you were like me and you were raised in Lynchburg you went to Kings Dominion about once a year with some group or another. But, trust me--it is nothing like it used to be.

Now it is pretty much a large space for roller coaster junkies. So, Garren was in heaven. Gracie and I had a harder time finding things we wanted to do, but we managed just fine and had a great day.

Gracie drove one of the old fashioned cars, we took several spins around the carousel and the ferris wheel, she rode 2 roller coasters with daddy, and even got brave enough to do the one ride mommy wanted to do: the log ride.

I have several great pictures from the day, and in general a great memory that will last for a long time.

I love my Thomas, but I have to admit spending that day solely focused on Gracie was wonderful. She is getting so big and so grown up and we depend on her to do so many things for herself. I feel like I have missed out on so many moments with her.

Today I think I made up for it.

And, I know she will remember this trip for a long time.

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