Friday, April 23, 2010

Thanks To The Lord!

I thank God everyday for many things in my life including my family, what is left of my sanity, a wonderful town to live in, amazing teachers, and loving friends.

This morning I praise him for my son's ability to finally sleep through the night!!!

After 14 MONTHS & 2 WEEKS, Thomas made it through the night last night without so much as a peep!

I still struggle myself a bit. I am waking up many, many times a night. I think it is because I am programmed to. It is like I am waiting for him to wake up screaming. I did the same thing the ONE night I got off baby duty when mom and dad kept him last Saturday night. So, hopefully my sleep will improve soon as well, and thus my energy level and attitude.

I can't imagine that this long is "normal" for a child, in fact I am sure it is pretty rare. And, the truth is I probably could have made him "cry it out" many months ago. I have just never been a fan of this method.

The things you do your your children out of love. It was never about the convenience of sleep for me--it was out of devotion to him.

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Amy said...

taylor slept thru the night at 3 for the first time for that reason... congrats to you! find some white noise to help you sleep a bit better!!! carrington has been sleeping all night for almost a month now, i feel like a new person!