Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Weeks Story

Usually Gracie gets to read her story that comes home in her reading bag to Aunt Ruth after choir. But, since we didn't have choir today she had to settle for mommy.

Each week the kids bring home the book they are working on on Wednesday afternoon. They have to "practice" the story at home for someone and return it Thursday morning.

Since Gracie's level is far above the classroom's average, she breezed through it and I videoed it foe Aunt Ruth to hear later.

***I just noticed my piles of clean laundry in the background waiting for the "magic folding fairy"--please ignore these!!!! ***


mamaw said...

Great job Gracie! You are a fantastic reader! Keep it up.

Aunt Ruth said...

Gracie - I got a chance to watch you reading the other night and you are doing such a great job! I'll bet you can't wait for the next book to read, huh? Just keep it up and I'll be listening to you again real soon. Thank your mom, too, for putting this on here, so I could listen and watch you read at the same time. Way cool!