Saturday, June 05, 2010

Morning Out With Aunt Ruth & Uncle George

There are so many "last" things that keep popping up...but unless we can find a place to move to in Richmond in the next few weeks, we may be able to eek out another Home Depot building project with Uncle George & Aunt Ruth.

This morning the two devoted adopted relatives picked up our Gracie for a morning of activities.

I didn't get all of the details, but they did make the cutest wooden game at the Home Depot Kids Workshop.

They also apparently went to a bead store, tried on shoes (from what I hear some very ugly ones!), waited to see Zachary (Ruth & George's elsest son), and had lunch at Five Guys.

We have never been to Five Guys Burgers, but there are several locations around here. Anyway, apparently Gracie decided to try ketchup on her fries...and LOVED it! She loved it so much Aunt Ruth had to go back and get her own.

These three are so very cute together, of course when they have both my kids they all look so happy as well, but this day was just for Gracie.

**Uncle George shared the pictures with me. I just had to post the picture that Ruth got of their hands! It could be my emotional state, but that one almost made me cry...her little hands, his big ones helping her. Great now I need another tissue! ***

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Uncle George said...

What a treat it has been for us to be able to take Gracie to Home Depot these past couple of months! Thank you for sharing!!