Monday, July 19, 2010

Bible School, Day 1

Gracie and I are having a great time at Bible School.

Thomas? Not so much.

This is the first year that we have been at Strasburg UMC that they have decided to do a week long Bible School.

In years past Gracie and I have attended for a day long course, followed by the church picnic and pool party.

I was so excited to see that they would do a week long program this year, and even more excited that we would get to be here for it. (Originally we had planned to be in Richmond by July1st). I signed Gracie up, and I was asked to help out.

I have a group of 6 kids ranging in age from upcoming 1st graders (my Gracie) to incoming 6th graders.

After an evening with "my kids" and seeing the many other groups, I am proud to tout that I have the quiet group!! It was if these kids were meant to be with the shyest group leader in the building. I asked for Gracie of course, who is shy, and then I seemed to get the rest that way as well.

Not that these kids aren't having fun--because they are! They are making friends with each other and participating, but they are also quiet and calm when they need to be.

Tonight the kids had pizza for a small dinner, we sang songs, heard a Bible Story, watched a video about a chipmunk on a ship, and made anchor name tags.

It was quite a success. Not only was it fun--there were 70 kids!! That is a lot of kids for our small church to bring in, and I know the organizers are thrilled.

And what about poor Thomas?

Well, apparently he spent his evening screaming in the nursery, and then being passed around and carried throughout the church by multiple volunteers to keep him happy. I feel terribly for the chaos and inconvenience he has caused, but you can't really blame him since I never leave him.

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