Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth Fun

Our final Fourth here in Strasburg!!! Boy was it hot!! And boy did we all get cranky!

But, if you take out the crankies, the kids had a wonderful time--or at least that's what the pictures show anyway ;)

Gracie loved going from inflatable to inflatable and jumping her little heart out. I don't know how she had the energy or the patience to get that hot--but I was a good mommy and didn't complain as I waited for her to run to the next activity while holding her shoes in the blazing sun.

Gracie also got to ride the horse again, which is always her favorite thing to do.

As for Thomas, he was loving the wagon.

That is the BEST $25 I have every spent!! I have always wanted a wagon for Gracie, and then when Thomas came along I longed for one of those two seater wagons. Well imagine my excitement when I found one two weeks ago at a Goodwill!!! Now, imagine my frustration and broken heart when it took me 15 minutes to somehow wrestle the thing in my car! After all of that, it wouldn't even fit! But, the kids were in love with it, and I wanted to use it for the festivities, so Garren put it in the trunk and used a bungee to secure the trunk. Win, win.

So, he spent the hot evening going in an out.

When it finally decided to cool off and the sun went down I think we all felt A LOT better. And, just as we were able to breathe, the kids got all bouncy again as Aunt Ruth & Uncle George made the trek to the park to spend some time with them.

We were invited to watch the fireworks from Mrs. Hoffman's house which is next to the park with Aunt Ruth & Uncle George, and Logan & Zachary--but Garren wanted Uncle Luke to get the full "in your face" firework experience. If you haven't watched the above video--you must, if for no other reason than to see Uncle Luke (who is legally blind)'s reaction to the pyrotechnics.

We sit really, really close.

After some doting from the favorite people in their lives, the kids settled in with plain old mommy and daddy.

The fireworks started soon after.

The kids were prepared (and occupied) with glow things that Grandma gave them from the Dollar Store, over priced kettle corn, and Gracie had a belly full of MY funnel cake.

Of course once the booming began Gracie and Thomas were like cats in a rocking chair factory! We double teamed and Daddy held Gracie in his lap and I rocked and soothed Thomas on the blanket.

He was pretty upset for the first 10 minutes, but not hysterical (like Gracie's 2nd 4th!!). I was able to soothe him and he watched the whole show from my lap, glued to my sweaty sticky body. After about 15 minutes I removed my hands from his ears and he began to realize it was okay. He seemed to enjoy the rest of the show and even clapped at one point.

Once the finale was over, I loaded the kids back in the wagon and we headed to Mrs. Hoffman's (who is Uncle George's mother by the way) to wait out the traffic.

I figured since Gracie was so upset that she didn't get to stay with Aunt Ruth for the fireworks, she could get some "attention" after them. We would have had to wait in the car to get out with the other 200+ people anyway.

So, the kids got extra attention inside the nice air conditioned home. Thomas tried out Logan's new skateboard, and Zachary fixed Gracie blueberry pie and ate with her in the kitchen (like she needed more sugar!!)

By the time we got home it was 11:30 and we were all hot, sweaty and tired! But, it was a memory none of us will surely forget soon.

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