Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ridiculous Heat!

Our poor air conditioner has been struggling all week to try and douse the amazing heat outside.

As you can see, it is failing since "comfortable" in our home is 70/71--but considering it has been over 100 degrees each day, it is doing pretty well. I don't want to even think about our power bill this month! One of the major setbacks to having a three level home (yes, Candice, I know you told me so ;).

We haven't been doing much this week. We are staying inside to try and keep cool, and nothing has been cooked or baked! We are also not taking showers during the day or early evening, nor using the dryer during the day. I can't imagine how much more heat that would add to this structure!

But, the kids don't seem to mind staying in. The grass is dead and crunchy and I worry to much about sunburns and heat-related sickness with them for them to go out. So, they have found tons to do just around here.

And as a bonus, we finally got PBS Sprout yesterday! Shentel promised to add it to their cable lineup June do the math. But, it has made Gracie very happy, and mommy loves the calming effect of the "Goodnight Show!"

Hope you are all staying cool yourselves!

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Candice said...

It's been miserable here too. I haven't turned on my real oven much at all. I use my small Kenmore convection oven instead. It's awesome. You need one! You can bake pies, biscuits, and just about anything in it!