Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

I won't be shedding tears at midnight. I will be glad to see this year go.

I know people have had worst years than I, a few people I know, and many, many more I don't--but life still stunk for me this year.

I left my "home."

I watched my daughter finish Kindergarten.

I listened to her last song in the children's choir.

I attended my last service at a church that is so dear to me.

I has to say goodbye to friends who were family to me.

My husband ended his 14+ year career as a journalist.

I enrolled my daughter in a school I didn't know, with teachers and staff I didn't know.

I put my daughter on a bus full of kids I didn't know.

I moved into a house in 1 day without power or water.

I loaded and unloaded all of our belongings in a place that was too big, too fast, and too uncertain.

I got rid of at least 1/3 of all of our possessions to fit in said house.

I broke the review mirror off my car.

My son ran away from home.

My daughter didn't get off the bus.

Okay, if I think long enough I could fill this entire web page with my sad little 2010 story. So, let's just leave it at the fact I am glad a New Year is here.

Now, if I am going to be glad for a New Year, that means I have to do my part to make it a better year. So, I have to buck it up some more (although, you have to admit I am making progress), and stop whining and crying.

So, here is to 2011, and my attempt at making myself at least like this place we are now calling home.

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Candice said...

I know this was a tough year for you. Of course you know that 2010 will always be a treasured year in my heart, and you totally understand why. I pray that you will make your new town your home. I pray for you to find a good church to get involved in. However, I would suggest a big church. Big churches have so much more for children.