Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decorating The Christmas Tree 2010

So, it is up three days before Christmas--but it is up!

Now, it wasn't the bah-humbug that kept us from putting up the tree. It was the expectation that our toddler would either a) eat the tree b) eat the ornaments c) completely pull over the tree d) chew the lights...well, you get the idea.

We tried to get him to help put the ornaments on, but settled for letting him bring them to us.

Mommy was pretty smart and I only pulled out ornaments that are wooden, fabric, and in general "non-breakable."

Actually, I think it looks kind of pretty. Like a country home made Christmas tree.

So far no chewed lights, or tree, or ornaments. I will keep you posted when (I mean if) this changes.

**Again, sorry about the dark pictures, I am using the only camera I have and the flash is broken on it. I brought back mom's old camera from her house, but it wasn't charged and I wanted pictures of the kids decorating the tree. Hey, you get what you can :) ***


Candice said...

It looks pretty to me!!!

Aunt Ruth said...

Candice beat me to it. . . .it looks awfully nice to me!