Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gracie Runs

Gracie came home from school today and announced “I ran a half mile today.” She said it kind of casually. I figured it was some sort of fitness test for PE, but she said it was during recess. I made a big fuss over her and told her how proud I was, and that daddy would be so excited to hear it as well.

Later when I went through her backpack I found the information on the days run. For the next month and a half the kids will be given the option to run a mile (or in lower grades a half mile) during recess. They will get to color in a “brick” on their individual charts for each mile they run.

The objective is to run a marathon (26 miles) by April, counting down to the Monument Avenue Marathon in Richmond.

I think it is a pretty good idea for kids, and I am sure it is to combat the obesity so-called “epidemic,” but it is good for kids to get exercise. At this school Gracie only has PE once a week. At Sandy Hook they had it every other day!

So, as the kids collect miles, they also collect “prizes” at five mile increments. Now, clearly the kids won’t be able to get it all done at school, so they are encouraging parents to walk/run with their kids at home to add on extra miles.

I have told Gracie, that as soon as Thomas is over his sniffles, and as long as the weather is fair, that we will walk with the stroller for a half mile, and maybe even a whole mile in the afternoons after school. The extra exercise would all do us some good, and I am all for parent participation.

If she completes 26 miles she will receive a gold medal.

They are also encouraging the kids to run/walk in the kid’s portion of the marathon in April. Gracie doesn’t seem to keen on the idea, but I told her to think about it.

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Candice said...

I don't run unless something is chasing me, but I did walk for almost an hour with Jolee yesterday!