Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catch Up

Okay, so I can't say there hasn't been much to blog about...because there has been tons, so pretty much it is me getting out of the habit of blogging about every adorable, and not so adorable, things my kids do.

And, I miss it--I do.

I am too far behind to try and catch up by creating a blog for everything you have missed so I am going to try and fill you in here, and then add the bigger stuff with entries (I am obsessive about making my dates match the event, so scroll down to see what I have added--but give me a few hours, it takes a while :).

So, Thomas is super duper cute these days. Well, he is always cute--but he is even cuter. He flashes that grin and/or smile and you can't help but melt! He also knows how to use this as a weapon! He gets in trouble and puts his little head down, lip out, and raises his eyes to make sure you are looking!! Wow!

What else?

  • Gracie brought home her first ever report card, and didn't get an A...she got THREE!! All three of her first ever report card grades were "A's" !!!
  • Gracie signed up for her first 5K--she will run the Toys For Tots 5K with Daddy December 11th.
  • Gracie's 2nd Grade play/performance is also coming up in a few weeks at school. She and her classmates are in a musical about bells.
  • The weather has been amazing the past few weeks--I know that won't last--so, we have been going to the kids' favorite park. We even skipped church Sunday (I know) and we went as a family and spent a warm Sunday morning together playing (I think God would approve).
  • Oh, and Gracie learned to hula hoop and snap. She has been practicing both for weeks and got them at last--in the same weekend (no, she doesn't do them at the same time :).
  • We had a nice Thanksgiving--while you people were eating turkey (boring!) we grilled out steaks! I made a costume for Thomas...but he hated it (at least pretend to be surprised by that!).
  • I volunteered at Gracie's school for her last day before the break--that was fun.
  • We haven't made Christmas plans, in fact, we are NOT talking about, decorating, or contemplating Christmas until at least the 1st of December. (But, I have some fun ideas for when that day gets here--so hang on--and hopefully I will get back to my much missed blog!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Second Graders Give Thanks

I was thankful I got to help out in Gracie's classroom today. And, I was thankful I could leave Thomas at home with Daddy.

Mrs. Hayden had planned on a feast, but when all was said and done the kids had just desert instead.

I came early and set the kids desks with food and drinks and napkins and such. The would have their sugar after lunch time.

I did get to spend some time watching Gracie finish her math/holiday project before lunch time, and I was sure to ohh and ahh over her friends work as well.

Before they were allowed to "chow down," Mrs. Hayden went around the room and had them tell what they were thankful for. I quick pulled out my camera and hit the record button, thankfully it was up and running before she got to Gracie! Want to hear what she was thankful for?

You can all say "awwww" now! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gracie's First Report Card

Well, I was expecting an "A" today on Gracie's FIRST graded report card. But, I didn't get one...I got THREE. Okay, okay, she got three. But, I am pretty sure I was more excited than she was!

I tried not to go overboard with it--since I don't want her to be a mini-me and obsess over grades like I did. But, I did give her a special treat (a Barbie movie I got from the $5 bin and had been holding on to). We were sure to tell her several times it was for her first A, and she won't get rewarded for grades every time.

We are so proud! Big congratulations to our Gracie!!


Where were you? Odds aren't you won't remember...and I had an idea.. Why not take a fun picture with the kids, so they can show their children where they were on a once in a life time kind of date?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Letter From Teacher

This is the letter I got from teacher Gracie today after she had him in her class for the time it took me to prepare dinner.

Ready for a smile and a chuckle? (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Election Day

Daddy will be at work all day (and night) for Election Day...so for the first year ever, I took both kids with me alone and voted. (last year mom happened to be visiting and stayed with them)

I dressed them super cute, and we walked right in and voted. Super easy!

Getting our annual Election Day photo was not! But, I got a somewhat decent one to share.

Daddy hopes you voted today!

Cooking With Thomas

Thomas helped mommy make banana bread from some browning bananas this morning...and he was such a good helper!

He LOVES to cook an stir and mix. I got some great shots, so I had to make a cutesy collage!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Fun Day At The Park

Thomas didn't take a nap today...so, when Gracie came home and I felt how wonderfully warm it was, I decided to load the kids up and head to our favorite park. Well, it's my favorite. It is shady and there is more for Thomas. Gracie seems to like it well too.

I had lofty plans for great fall photos of my kids, so you can imagine my disappointment when I came home and downloaded blurry pic after blurry pic!

Thankfully I got a few good ones.

The trees and afternoon sunset were just beautiful. I need to read up more on photography so I can better capture these moments. And, I think I need a better camera as well. I have had this one for nearly a year, and that usually about how long one lasts me!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Home Deopt November

They had a cute set up inside Home Depot this morning when we took the kids. They had a camera and a place to have your child's picture taken to go with their craft.

Guess which "kid" wouldn't have a picture taken? Yep!

Daddy helped Thomas make his craft, and mommy helped Gracie. It was one of the easier projects, and their picture frames came out super cute!

Coincidentally I had gone to Walgreens and gotten several photos done. I couldn't decide between two photos to put in a car frame he has in his room...so I handed him the photos. One was of him in front of a race car the day I took him to the track, the other of him and Grandpa. He went running around the room showing everyone "pa-pa!!" "Ge-cee? Pa-Pa!!" "Ma-Ma? Pa-Pa!!!" "Da-Da? Pa-Pa!!!"

Too cute, huh?

So, the picture of him and Pa-Pa went in his Home Depot frame, the other in his car frame.

Gracie has the picture they took at the store. It is supposed to be a Veteran's Day photo, but we may swap it out when she finds one she likes as much as Thomas likes his.