Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Ramblings Of Thomas

So, his speech, while improved, is still not on the level where it should be, and honestly I am torn about whether to let him develop at his own pace, or allow the pediatrician to have speech therapists take over where I am clearly failing.

But, I digress..

So, here are the most common statements from our surprisingly chatty little man. He may not have many words or phrases, but he can beat the ones he has to death!!

In order from most spoken to least..

1. "I do it!!! I do it!!!!"

2. "Ma-ma. (yes, baby?) Ma- Ma (what?) Ma-Ma (yes, Thomas?) Ma-Ma (what do you need Bear?) Ma-ma (what Thomas?!!!) " I have no idea, he calls my name 5-6 times in a row and will not answer me at all!!! He then moves on!!

3. "Hep you!" (this one is too precious. He says this when he *wants* help. Makes sense, I ask him "want me to help you?"

4. "No mama!!!" (this might be tied for my least favorite!!)

5. "Stop it (fill in name, usually "Gee-cee!!") (really don't like this one, he thinks he can talk to us and others like we do to him when he is in trouble.)

5. "(Gasp) What that sound like?!"

6. "(upset) What you do?!!" ( I think he is repeating what I say to him "What did you do?"

7."Poor Chew-eee!" (That poor pup has a good, but hard life. He will surely earn his retirement in a few years)

8. "No, no, I okay!"

9. "Is okay....not too bad"

10. "I luv you" (my favorite!)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Flower

What is the color of "over-protection?" I am pretty sure a florist can't answer that question, but they could tell you the color of that flower. Yep, that flower from a BOY!!!

No, no, no, I am not ready for that!!

Gracie insists that Dillon gave a flower to everyone in the class. But, it took hours for my skin to relax and eyebrows to go down.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Scars Of Boyhood

We now have a matching set. Nice, huh?

The one on the left (his right) he earned on Monday. I honestly have no idea what exactly happened, I just heard the screams and ran to him and picked him up. It was minutes later as I am trying to get him calmed down that he says "kiss it! kiss it!!" I asked where, and looked down to see my shirt bloody. I immediately search him and find his knee oozing!

It was a bad cut (well, cuts). Gashes of skin were completely gone! While it looked bad, it wasn't "stitches bad" and I cleaned him up. A big band aid, a ride in the daddy car and a drink seemed to soothe his ache. Well, mostly, he had to be carried the remainder of the day, and the next day as well anytime he saw his band aid.

As for the other knee, that happened this morning while we were playing. He just plain tripped over his own two feet walking down the sidewalk.

He seemed to brush that one off much easier and even refused the band aid. We went back out to play as you can see.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Construction Site

So, I had an "idea." Thomas loves it, and we have played for hours in his very own construction area.

There is a bare spot in the yard near the back fence under a tree. I thought "wouldn't it be neat to give him his own area for trucks?!"

Why, yes it would!

I dug the area out and added in some mulch, dirt & pea gravel. I topped it off with sticks we can use for logs. Now, his outdoor trucks have a great place to stay and be busy, and Thomas has a great place all his own to play.

I get good ideas!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gracie Quote Of The Day

" You can do amazing things with crayons, maybe because they use more wax, and wax is boring."--Gracie, age 8

Crayon conversation after showing her brother "another" way to make rainbows (he drew a rainbow today!! It was grey, but hey it was a rainbow and he told me so!!)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Primary Day

The kids and I went to the polls we do EVERY election day...EVER.

It is our civic duty...and daddy insists ;)

The kids we nice enough to pose nicely for me. After all, I take a picture after EVERY vote.

Daddy has his priories, I have mine.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Too Long Gone

There is a months worth of pictures on my camera card trying to download on to my computer right now. A month!! I remember the days when I couldn't even go a few hours without putting pictures I had just snapped and blogging away.

Life isn't that carefree anymore. Not true--I just don't make it a priority anymore, and I should. This blog after all isn't just for you--it is a diary for me, and a memory book for the kids.

Since I seem to be doing a LOT of apologizing for not blogging, I won't do that again, instead, I will wait for the pictures to download and start writing.

Scroll down for more.

Giving Up Gi-Gi

You knew it was coming....

We knew it was coming....

He had no idea it was coming... or at least he didn't think we would follow through.

Pediatricians say kids need to be off the pacifier by age 3. And, if you can imagine, Thomas was even more attached to his binki than his older sister was at his age--and she really, really loved her gi-gi.

(Random note, they both called it "gi-gi." Gracie called it that because we called it "Gracie binki, and figured she shortened it to that. With Thomas, we always called it binki, but it came out "gi-gi" from him too. )

The binki diaries:

Day 1: Thomas doesn't seem to be feeling to hot, and so I cave and can't make him give it up when he seems to have a slight cold.

Day 1 (#2): Nap did not go so well, and he never did sleep. He keep asking for his gi-gi, and wasn't so sure when I told him he was a big boy now and didn't need it any more.

We were awaiting the melt down when bed time came around, but we were so thankful (and shocked!!!) that he asked for it once, after story and kisses, and that was it! He went to sleep no crying, no screaming...nothing!!!

Day 2: We knew it couldn't be that easy. He napped today without bink, but that gave him more fuel to scream tonight at bedtime. It was so heart breaking. I ended up sleeping with him on his floor until he was so tired out from crying that he feel asleep.

Day 3: We are tired and cranky and we keep asking for gi-gi even when it isn't time for nap or bed. It seems the more tired he is, the worse he wants his comforting friend. Bedtime goes better and no meltdown, but there are tears and a desperate look in his eyes and a lip you could trip over.

Day 4: He still hasn't forgotten about gi-gi, and while he is sleeping and not completely losing it, he still cries and demands it. When I tell him he is a big boy he tells me "no mama! no mama!" I am wondering how many more days it will take.

We are on day 12 now, and the last time he mentioned gi-gi was yesterday (day 11). He seems to only want him in upset moments and extreme tired moments. He doesn't demand him at bedtimes anymore, and he is sleeping well. I think we are through it. And, really, we just had the one night. I can not tell you how thankful I am for a rather mild detox. It is so hard to transition with your children. You know it is the best for them, but it is not much comfort as you try to soothe your crying child who really can't understand why you are doing what you are doing.

That being said, I stand behind my decision to use a pacifier with both kids. I would rather go through this than deal with a thumb sucker who is 6-7 and still putting that in their mouths. This is a breeze to nip than trying to part a child with their thumb.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

She's On A Roll

another awesome quote from my dear 7 year old (almost 8!!!)

" Daddy is the super smartest in our family because he is even taller than know how he always has an hour long lesson to go with whatever I tell him about at school? And sometimes he gets off the subject for anther lesson? (Mommy tries not to laugh) That is why he the tallest." --Gracie, age 7

Mommy learns tall = smart....crud!

Gracie Quote Of The Day

"That's a neat car, I bet it is a WD40!!!" --Gracie, age 7