Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gracie's Back Pack

Not to be out  done by her brother, Gracie would like to proudly show you her new back pack for the coing school year.

And, mommy hopes that this means the end of hearing about backpacks until 4th grade.  Sheesh! She hasn't stopped talking about which one, when are we going to get it, can I get it now, maybe we can run by Walmart so I can....

It is enough to drive a mom insane.

But, now she has chosen this very pink, very girly, very Barbie (or as Thomas calls her "Barfie"--love it!)  And, she finally seeems content :)

PS: I am sure you are fully aware that she wouldn't have even though about a new back pack, and would likely use the same one she is so proud of winning last year *IF* her brother hadn't gotten to pick one out for preschool.  You'd think after 3.5 years I would be able to handle the jealousy better...nah! It seems to get worse with each passing year :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

My Son The Cannibal

I was sure we were done with this phase of life.  Shouldn't we be?!!

It has been a while since Gracie was his victim last. I will try not to comment on the fact that she seems to be his *only* target...

You may remember this incident ... when he left her a HUGE mark on her leg.

In an effort to keep up his handy work, he again left her a doozie of a mark,  and a bruise to match her PJ's--this time on her arm.

He was of course severely disaplined, and I am praying that this does NOT happen at school. I will die--I will just die!!

Gracie claims that she just sat in the chair he was sitting in (why?!!! Because she loves to drive him crazy, which drives me crazy!!).  Seems benign, but we don't bite for any reason in this house.

He was given a little more "le-way" when he was younger, but only for the fact that he didn't know better--he was still severely punished, but now he is 3.5--really, he should know to keep his teeth in his mouth!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Visiting Monster

There is a monster in our house. I don't know why he came to visit us, and to be honest I am not sure why he is staying.

I wouldn't feel welcome in a home where I was greeted with ear bursting screams every time a cute three and a half year old saw me.

Now, I am not sure how many eyes he has, or the color of his hair. Every time I come running to the rescue, that sneaky monster goes back into hiding.

He seems to prefer Thomas' room, although I have no idea why--maybe its the toys?

Anyway, I have decided if he is going to live here and cause such chaos, he better start helping with rent!!And, he could at least help with the laundry...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When some annoying by-standard looks at you and smiles or grimaces and says to you those words of unwanted "advice:"  Don't Blink! you will surely find yourself frustrated or rolling your eyes.

Days or weeks, or months or even hours later you will look down at the same small head you were so desperately trying to get to eat, sleep, listen, behave...and realize that the stranger was far too right.

Most of me finds it hard to believe that he is 3 already, and yet there is a part of me that feels like he has been there my whole life and surely we have battled for the last 20 something years.

It is time to think about preschool.

Well, it is summer, so I need to do more than think.  I better fill out the forms.

You can imagine my excitment when I found out the church we have been attending since we moved here offers EXACTLY what I want for him: 2 days a week, 4 hours per day.  It is the same as Gracie had at this age in Strasburg,  (Yes, I can't even go there--I am trying to stay positive).

Wednesday of last week we went and toured the facility,  It was perfectly darling, and in the upstairs of the church building. Thomas will be one of 8 kids registered so far for the 3 year old class.

The room was small, and had a table and chairs and coat hooks and toys.

The kids will get to bring in a snack, so he will get to have a lunch box (which he is thrilled about!!), and they will have the added benefit of a devotional time with one of the pastors of the church each day--which is something Gracie did *not* have.

Thomas was nervous as we were shown the room by the school's director. But, he proudly introduced his sister and me.  Wouldn't tell her his name, but said "Dis is Gracie....dis is mama."  He did shake her hand on the way out though.

We were only there a few minutes, but I felt very good about the place and the idea by the time we loaded in the car.

I had to have a picture (of course), but Thomas wasn't having it, so I had Gracie snap one. It is a little blurry, but it is my keepsake.

So, now that we have looked around and I am starting on paper work, Thomas is endlessly talking about "'I go preschool!!"

I decided to look on line for the perfect little back pack and found it at Walmart of all places.  We dug and found it today while we were there picking up a few little things. I love how proud he is of it. He will show everyone his backpack and has been wearing it most of the day.

He has a Bob The Builder lunchbox I found him at a thrift store last year to play with, and he uses that as he walks around the house (usually in his undies) with his backpack.  Unless I find him a better one, he will likely use that one. I love the old fashioned lunchboxes with the handle.  I will keep a look out for others at thrift stores, but they are usually hard to find.

So, all in all, that makes one of us who is ready for the fall.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bye Bye Tooth #9

Awesome Aunt

I have now let not one, but two kids with new licenses, drive our cars. 

Okay, technically it was Garren who let Sue-Anna drive HIS car, and it was his idea.  She did great though--especially since she only got her learners last week!!

July 22, 2012

Isaac was jealous, but he should remember that I let him drive me in MY car this time last year!

July 12, 2011