Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Proud Exhibitionist

Thomas quote of the day

 "I did it--jammies off. (arms spread eagle) Look at my naked!!!"

(I pulled the camera out and made him say it again, I never dreamed he would do it exactly the same and let me capture the moment!!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Evening With The Governor

...and a million other people.

Okay, maybe not a million, but it is a small back yard that the Governor of Virginia has--at least when you cram many political types and their kids in there.

Our kids enjoyed another annual Fall Festival at the Executive Mansion tonight. They painted pumpkins and got to show off their costumes for the first time.

You probably already know that Thomas was dead-set on being a tow truck driver like his Uncle Brian.  I didn't fight this (not that I could), and I was thrilled to make an "easy" costume.  Gracie wanted to be a mermaid and she loved the costume mommy finished for her. (although I think it needs some tweaking before Halloween night)

We didn't stay to long, we got to chat with Governor McDonnell and the kids got candy and lemonade.  They had a good time and were doted on plenty.

 So here's a sneak peek at their costumes, and a picture of our family with the man of the hour.

Pumpkin Picking At Preschool

I got a heads up from Ms. Leslie (Thomas' preschool teacher) yesterday, that today, they would be taking the kids to the church's pumpkin patch (in the parking lot) to let them each pick a pumpkin.

It is their version of a "field trip" since 3 year old classes don't take them.

So, I got to go to Thomas' school today and take pictures!!

Of course I snapped a million of them eating snack and then lining up (I am such a goober!), and Thomas was excited that I was going for a "walk" with him and his class. 

The kids didn't know what they were going to do today until they lined up, and now they were very excited.

Thomas wasn't super interested in finding a pumpkin. I figure it was because we have already done the pumpkin patch and the Walmart carving pumpkins pick.  But he finally agreed on the 20th one I found for him.

The kids all had their pictures taken by the school's director, and then they gutted it out for a class picture.  I was so relieved to see that mine wasn't the only one who hates doing pictures!!

Although--I FINALLY got a professional picture of him!!!  The school did fall pictures and I picked his up today! Worth every penny of the $14 a sheet I bought!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

Well, it isn't the same with out chili and the Mozingos....but we manage.

This year we went with Barbie for Gracie, Jake from Jack & the Neverland Pirates for Thomas, and we found the minions from Despicable Me for daddy.

They all turned out so great.

It is a messy, but fun family tradition. And like in years past Thomas did NOTHING to help, he just played in his sandbox and ate Cheez Its ;)  But, unlike years past, Gracie decided to do hers all by herself.  The shape came out well, but the original pattern we had spelled out "Barbie" and that was too tricky, so we had to use a back up pumpkin.

I am sure we are the envy of the neighborhood as ours shine proudly from the front porch steps.

**I think we get better at this every year!***

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tabitha Matches

Did I mention that I surprised Gracie with a matching toga and laurel wreath for Tabitha (her doll)?  She was pretty thrilled :)  This mommy rocks!

Mommy's Greek Goddess

It is Greece Day at Gracie's school today.  Well, actually, just for the third graders.  And, this mommy wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Now, a few weeks back when they were talking about this day and how the kids would have a version of the Greek Olympic games, I got the brilliant idea to make Gracie a special outfit for the day.

It came out beautifully, but was a little less special when the paper came home (48 hours before!!) that all the kids had to wear togas to school.

On the plus side hers was by far the most ornate, and she wasn't constantly fidgeting with a sheet and safety pin :)

Gracie's teacher chose her to do several of the running races and you could see how proud she was to represent her class.

Her class was the city-state of Syracuse and they were very loud and proud of that fact.

Thomas wasn't nearly as proud.  So, he ran off to play on the playground with the 5th graders while mommy cheered her on. (what ya' gonna do?!!)

The kids each earned their laurel wreath crowns after finishing the games and they had a class picture taken with Zeus (Mr. Simon the gym teacher).

Those kids were so excited and so cute.  I love getting to still do some things with her.  Although, it seems field trips are still out of the plans for 3rd grade like they were for 2nd grade parents.  But that is for a later rant. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leaf Fun

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I knew I had to do it too!  I tried to get one with Gracie and an 8, but the light was so poor she is just a blurred mess.  I was lucky I got this one!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I have been meaning to take the kids to Ashland Berry Farm for weeks now, but we either have the sickies or rain--or both.

Finally it looked like the weather and the germs would cooperate--too bad poor Daddy's schedule won't!

The kids and I loaded up after Gracie's got off the school bus and we had a great time.

We rode the hay ride twice, we picked pumpkins, and Thomas peed in the patch.  What an eventful afternoon. :)

I let each child pick a small pumpkin, since this was for the experience.  We all know I can get large carving pumpkins at Walmart for $3.88 a piece!

Gracie found her perfect pumpkin early, but Thomas kind of rambled around and finally agreed on one of the many I showed him.  He didn't seem to picky--but then he was very proud of the one he walked away with.

I got some great pictures that I am proud of too!

Mommy is loving all these fall activities--even though the calendar is bursting at the seams with two kids in school now!

Fire Trucks At Preschool

Thomas got a bonus preschool day today.  Usually he just goes on Tuesday & Thursdays and is quite upset when he wakes up on the other days and knows there is no school.

But, today he woke up and I told him to get dressed because their were going to be fire trucks at preschool!

Let me tell you he was ready!!

Since there are more students at school on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays, they invited the 3 year old class to come in on a different day.

We gathered with the rest of the kids in the room where they have chapel (which is also Gracie's Sunday school room), and we listened to the firefighters talk to us.

Then we got in smaller groups and went outside to see the trucks.

And, Thomas got in!!

We have seen these trucks from Station 7 (the one across the street from us) a million times as we pass them, at Home Depot, at other events--but he won't get more than a few feet from them.  Today, he followed his classmates inside!

I got many pictures, and I have added the best. And we got a "class picture" too. Only 4 kids from his class came (all boys) for the extra event--and only 3 would do the picture. But, I still love it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back On The Horse

"...that throwed y'a!"  

That's what daddy always says to do--I guess Thomas was listening!!

Mommy's "Awwwww!!!!" Moment

Thomas brought this home from preschool today...and it brought me to near tears and left me in a big mommy-puddle.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A New Favorite

Every time I get mad at this camera, it finds a way to amaze me.  I got several good shots today while on a random excursion to the local park.  But, I have to share my new favorite picture with you...

...don't you just love it?!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thomas' First Library Card

Seems simple, but you know me, we celebrate every milestone. 

Thomas got his first library card today. 

There is apparently no age limit at our library here, and he is always fighting me to checkout the books himself (we have self-check out here), so I thought why not let him have his own library card?

He was very proud to check out his own books, especially the Maisy one!  He couldn't even wait until we got home to read it.